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(Last Updated On: May 1, 2017)

Every business needs a great website. You may not sell online, but you do need to have a presence. When existing and potential customers want to know more about you or find out how to contact you, they’re going to search for your website. If you don’t have one, or you’re not sure yours is effective, don’t panic. You really can build a website without the woes, and it’s easier than you think.


If you’re looking for an easy approach, pick a WordPress template. Everything you need for your website will be included. If you need any additional features, chances are there are free add-ons or plugins that will do what you want. Most hosting companies offer a shortcut from your website editor to WordPress, so in just a click or two, you could be up and running.


Don’t worry if you’re not great at design. Many website templates have a stock of free images and themes you can select that will look great. In fact, all that might be missing is your company information, profile, contact details, and content. Start with the essentials. Create your ABOUT page. This should be presented in the tone of voice that best suits the customer you’re hoping to attract.


All content should include images. You can find free images online quite easily with your favorite search engine. Simply choose images from the search tab and select copyright free or free-to-use. You will probably need to upload an image file to your website server. Of course, the very best images for your website are the ones you take yourself. Why not take a crash course in photography to teach you the best ways to photograph the things you want to show?


Writing content for your website may not be the easiest thing for you to do. That’s OK. You can always hire someone to write articles relevant to your product offering. Websites like Fiverr are a great source of talented writers, artists, and designers. They could help you create and update your company website. Make sure you don’t make these SEO mistakes when you post new articles or product pages though. You want every page to be optimized so it can rank highly. Natural is always best.


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There are plenty of different social media sharing plugins you can use for your website. These enable visitors to quickly and easily share your content for you through their social media accounts. Don’t forget to add all the ones you use, so you can share your own content too. You might be keen to use pop-ups to collect visitor email addresses. These can be quite annoying and make people leave (bounce) your site. Make sure you’re offering something in return, like a free ebook, or promotional discount. Never share your visitor information or personal details with others.

It is easier than you think to quickly and easily generate a few live pages. It doesn’t need to cost much either. Most hosting companies offer very cheap new customer deals right now. Use a template system, and hire a freelancer to help you add the content you want. Enjoy.


- Chiino

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