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(Last Updated On: July 28, 2017)

Got Something to Confess?

I'll admit it: I'm a snorer. This issue wasn't diagnosed until 2010, once Hollie was brave enough to confront me about it. Until then, my mum's definition of me being a “heavy breather” at night sounded a lot more accurate.

Over the years, I haven't been in much of a rush to do anything about it. It doesn't affect me. (Other than a couple of times when I managed to wake myself up from the sound of it). I got the chance to try out a ring that, when worn on your small finger overnight, hits a pressure point to alleviate it. It worked sometimes. I lost it at some point last year and, with a baby now, keeping Hollie awake isn't really fair.

Again, I haven't been in a rush to fix this. The blog name says it all. I had the intention of seeing what would fix it, but it took a while before I started trying out ring alternatives that would fix the nocturnal noise I kept coming out with.

I tried three different Snoreeze products for a full week to see what works best.



First off: this is a big ol' piece of lozenge, so I expected great things. It tastes good; the type of lozenge you'd look forward to when you're ill. On the first night I tried these, I managed to fall asleep before it had dissolved. I must have been very tired, but it also indicates how thick they are.
As good as the citrus-flavoured lozenges were, Hollie reported very little difference in my snoring. Unfortunate, but that's just how it was.


Throat Spray

I made the assumption that any spray concerned with a snoring-related issue would be one for your nose. That's definitely something I'm not into. As it goes, this is an oral spray. Just three doses claim to be enough to put your snores at bay.

Did it work? You know what? It sort of did. Hollie reported a marked reduction in terms of the snoring volume. They went down to tolerable levels, which has to be a good thing. She said she could still hear me, but she could live with it.


Oral Strips

The final weapon in my anti-snoring arsenal were a set of minty strips. Stick one on your tongue and you're good for the night. They have a distinctive peppermint taste to them, and lubricate once applied.

Hollie said that, of all three, these were the most effective at reducing my snoring. A bonus for these is that, unlike the lozenges, you're not going to have the potential choking hazard if you're especially tired. (Again, my fault).


So What Am I Using Now?

To cut it short, the lozenges are out, but the oral strips and throat spray are here to stay. They get the job done and I'm pretty sure they're more effective when used together, so that's exactly what I've been doing. After brushing my teeth, three sprays, a strip application and I'm done.

For those struggling with snoring issues, I'd advise that you try out as much of the range as possible to see why works for you. There're were the ones that suited me, but it shouldn't put you off the lozenges. Your first night at trying any of these may not lead to immediate changes, so make sure you try them for a good week and see how they go for you.

(Remember: if you're struggling to sleep, particularly if you're gassed about the future riches you're due to accumulate, I've done a post all about that).


- Chiino

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