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(Last Updated On: June 21, 2017)

Starting a blog is a great way to be creative. Some people use them to document their lives or hobbies. Others have more of a business aspect where they are monetised, and many successful bloggers go on to make a decent living from their own space on the internet. However, a blog does take a lot of dedication and work, and can often mean that some people give up at the first few hurdles. But, if you market your blog right, you can really make it a success. I thought I would share with you some of the marketing strategies anyone can consider for their blog, no matter how long it has been running or how big your audience is.




Be consistent on social media

Having social media profiles for your blog is a vital way to ensure that your blog posts get seen. It is direct access to your readers where you can share your latest posts or simply what you are up to. Some people choose to be natural on their social media, but a great tip is to approach it with a business strategy. Social media platforms all have certain times where your posts will be seen more than others. It’s important to research the best times to post and then schedule in advance. Some people think this isn’t authentic, but if you are looking to turn your blog into a business, it’s best to stick with a schedule and strategize as and when you update. Of course, this doesn't mean you can’t post at other times, just as long as you cover the basics you are good to go.


Consider video content

Many more people are looking to utilise video content for their blog. Some do this themselves in the form of vlogs on their own YouTube channel, or some consider more professionally edited videos as another opportunity for advertising. If you are unsure on how to edit, then you may want to list the help of a video production company. They are strongly skilled in that department and will be able to bring your vision to life much quicker than perhaps you would on some standard software.




Provide incentives to readers

If you are hoping to build up a following on some social media platforms quickly, then you may want to consider incentivising your followers. A lot of people have success with running competitions on their social media. Perhaps when you hit a milestone of followers, you could give something away. A good tip is to advertise the competition in advance so that any followers will know what they are going to win. It is also best to randomly select winners from a competition post as this to make it fair. There is plenty of information online if you want to ensure you follow the rules.


Create an email newsletter

You could also consider a blog newsletter that gets emailed out each week. This will ensure that regular readers are kept up to date with new posts and also encourages them to click back through to your blog.

I hope these marketing strategies help your blog grow.



- Chiino

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