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If you have a goal, then you need the right motivation – as well as the right amount of motivation – to reach that goal. It doesn’t matter what it is; writing music, writing a novel, making new friends, learning how to cook… without motivation, you’re going to fall flat pretty fast.

Motivation is especially important when you need to be physically active. Goals that are physically demanding are among the easiest to give up on. It’s easy to feel disheartened when you try to run a few laps or lift a few weights and find yourself feeling overwhelmed long before you’ve reached your expected result.

So it’s essential that you get the right motivation. Here’s a quick guide to getting it.


Remember the negative consequences of failure

A lot of people would claim that you shouldn’t focus too much on the idea of failure if you want to motivate yourself. But let’s face it: sometimes, it’s the best way to motivate yourself. And when it comes to achieving fitness, then the negative consequences of failure are not only obvious; they’re also pretty scary. If you’re not exercising, then you’re basically withering away at a faster rate. You’ll look older, feel more stressed, be less flexible, need more assistance later in life, and then die sooner. Pretty grim, but let’s not shy away from these details. If you don’t exercise regularly, then you’re putting your quality of life at severe risk. Simple as that.




Get some expert help

Some people do much better when they’re getting help from experts; some people simply can’t get anywhere without that help. Personal trainers can help you keep motivated by tailoring regimes for you and keeping up with your progress. Before you hire one, make sure they have the right credentials. You need to ensure they’ve completed a personal training course such as the ones offered at Origym; otherwise, they may not have the skills you need, which means you’ll just end up wasting your money. Basically, make sure they’re not a wasteman before you start giving them money.


Listen to the right music

Music isn’t a trivial matter in the world of fitness. The connections between music and effective workouts have been studied extensively by fitness geeks and psychologists. The right music can help motivate you for several reasons; it may by the particular beat, it may be the particular mood of the music, it can even be the song lengths that push you to go the extra distance if you’ve got another thirty seconds before the song ends. Try experimenting with different music, because it’s not always obvious what will work for you. Some will find the beastly tunes of Run the Jewels to be perfect; others may exercise better to Coldplay. Which is weird, but there you go.




Keep a record of your progress

One of the best motivation tools out there is a signal that you’ve progressed. When it’s clear that you’ve been making improvements, then it’s much easier to be motivated to keep making even more improvements. It’s proof that what you’re doing is working. Keep an exercise and fitness log to measure your increasing endurance and skill.


- Chiino

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