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(Last Updated On: August 7, 2017)

I'm a big fan of Craiglist. It's the reason the original version of Fiverr was as fun as it was. It inspired the wildest gigs going and pushed the envelope for the sorts of things that people would pay others to do for them online. Craiglist may not be as big in the UK as it is in the US, but their classifieds never stop bringing the most imaginative gigs to the table.


This is a selection of the gigs I spotted on Craiglist in the UK. While stocks last and all that.


Cash for Burps

Negotiable rates. Video only. Why would anyone decline?

Cash for Burps - UK Craigslist Ad - Probably Busy

Email Assistant

I don't like the way this ad is going, but the actual task doesn't seem particularly complicated. Due diligence and all that. See if there's an alternative arrangement for payment and all that.

Email Gig - UK Craigslist Ad - Probably Busy

Spy for the Day

It's just like mystery shopping but better.

Spy Photographer - UK Craigslist Ad - Probably Busy




For those that fancy a scrap, here's a little something for you. Probably check out what task is ahead of you – particularly if you're going to have to properly fight – and how legal this is.

Fighter - UK Craigslist Ad - Probably Busy

Get Paid to Eat

The dream.

Paid to Eat - UK Craigslist Ad - Probably Busy

All of these illustrate the importance of creativity. It's a supply and demand thing. Many of these gigs, I'm sure, are won't come around often. Those offering the services have the power to price in whatever way they see fit. If it earns them the cash at the end, they're dons for having the vision.

The things I didn't show you blow the unusual Fiverr listings out of the water. If someone is willing to purchase, props to them for making their services known.


- Chiino

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