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(Last Updated On: July 16, 2017)

What is Talk to the Press?

Talktothepress.co.uk is a website that gives you easy access to media people that will pay you for your stories. If you fancy getting your face all up in a newspaper or magazine, here's your chance to make it worth your while.

You can absolutely go directly to journalists, if you know who to approach. However, this website makes it so much simpler, and is transparent about the monetary reward for doing so. After all, there's probably no need to put yourself out there if you're not getting something back from it.


What Stories Do They Want?

Case stories are always good. Give them something to work with. Grab a Pick Me Up if you want inspiration on the type of things that might interest them. Bad news sells and all that, but stories of triumph over adversity are just as appealing. Bounce ideas off other people, and I’m sure you will find something that works.

As long as you haven’t broken the story to someone locally already, you will have a chance with these guys. Their website has a whole section dedicated to helping you to get paid for stories, so make sure you explore it.

If you have something to share, have a chat with them, and they’ll tell you whether it’s something they can work with. Journalists are meant to be good at bringing angles out, so as long as you give them a nudge in the right direction, they should be able to flesh it out into something that people would want to read about.

Make sure you have photos on hand for the story, as these will help the cause. The more you can bring to the story, the more likely they will be able to run with it.

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What's in it for You?

Payment for doing something that will come completely natural to most. All you need to do is answer questions about yourself, or something you've been through.


What's in it for Them?

Content. Journalists love being fed more things to write about, so you're actually doing them a favour. As long as you're giving them real stories, you're benefiting them.


What's My Experience with Talk to the Press?

I have a journalism degree, so at one point I knew how media worked. Somehow, the course skipped over all of this paying for stories lark, so I had to figure it out myself.

Myself and Hollie have a fair few valuable tales to share. Although I'm not the sort to put myself out there like that, she absolutely is. When Hollie entered Miss Beauty Curve 2014, one of the prerequisites for being “Miss London Beauty Curve” was that you built up your own PR. Hollie managed to get coverage in two daily newspapers, Pick Me Up, and a few local rags. It earned her a “Miss Publicity” title at the awards. Skills.

Two of the features she snagged came thanks to her penchant for making money online. (Fancy that!) It wasn't long before talktothepress.co.uk crossed her path, and she was on her way to earning a couple of hundred pounds to be interviewed about her experience leading up to the awards. Good times.

It's a simple process and as long as you have the time to speak to a journalist and have a photo or two to include with the story, you're good to go. I don't see why you couldn't submit a story bi-annually or so, just to keep a little extra cash coming in. Learn the basics of journalism and you'll soon work out how to make several angles out of a single story, so you can sell variants of the same one to multiple publications.




Time required: Between a couple of hours and a couple of days

Effort required: I like writing, so it doesn’t seem like effort for me, but if it does for you, it takes a little

Website: Talk to the Press




Get paid to talk about your life. You probably do it all day anyway, so why not make it pay for once.



- Chiino

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