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(Last Updated On: August 20, 2017)

I had to change my game plan a couple of years ago. Once I fully realised how little time in the day there was to do things, I had to start slashing. Any parts of my usually routine that weren't working toward more money, involved with (select) friends and family or were genuinely fun had to go. Cold.

Exercise was taking an hour and a bit out of every evening. No matter how much I slashed things around it – TV, research, interesting-but-unnecessary online courses and so on – there wasn't enough time for that and the things that made me money. It was so frustrating, because I had found a workout routine I was happy with, but it just didn’t seem to gel with the rest of my day.

I set myself a challenge to wake up an hour earlier, and see how it went. If my body clock adapted, it would stay. If not, no. To voluntarily go from a 6am start to a 5am start is a bit of a madness, but it had to be done. As a morning person, I was confident that it would work. After a few days, it became habit, and it didn't feel like a struggle. (*Rendo voice* Boom, bow!)

The main benefit is that it's a time hack. I've got a whole extra hour in the evening. So many new opportunities seem to appear, once you have that freedom. Eating doesn't have to be done as quickly, there's no need to half-do some things, and I can reduce outsourcing costs a little, because I can do some tasks myself again.

I also find that I do more things then night before that I would have done in the morning. That includes organising, meal planning and those sorts of things. It stops the need to rush these things, as I usually would have.

The simple act of exercising means you body fiends for more rest, and unless you go to bed an hour earlier, you’re potentially doing more harm than good. It properly requires commitment to stick to it.

The season really plays a part in how easy it is to wake up. The weeks before the clocks go back are a killer. My body was never ready for a gym session first thing in November, because it was just too dark outside. It’s a killer and once you miss a couple of days, it completely throws you off you game.


Main benefits:

  • Potential spare time in your day
  • Less distractions (on the whole)
  • Allows you to tick something off before you start your day off


Main negatives:

  • Requires suitable space (adequately away from other sleeping people
  • Much easier for one half of the year, compared to the other
  • Not ideal for those that struggle to get up as soon as they wake


Think about this before you go for it. Remember that you’re going to have to fit in a shower after this. Think of the others it could affect when that alarm goes off. Consider the noise you could make. Ensure that you’re serious about this exercise stuff before you punish yourself like this.

Let me know how you get along either way.


- Chiino

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