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(Last Updated On: June 27, 2017)

The small things make a difference. They really do. It’s exactly why subscription boxes are popping right now. For a small and manageable sum each month, you can receive a little pick-me-up that keeps you going. Sounds lovely. As someone that’s never had a food box, gift box or even a Netflix subscription, I feel like I’ve been missing out on all sorts. These kinds of things are tiny leaks in the wallet and general distractions. I can live without them. Don’t get me started on the music streaming ones. I can do without the lot.

My free time is precious and I’ve got a thing for being efficient. If I’m going to be probably busy at all times, there’s no use if I have a way of cutting down time with other things – even if there’s a free alternative. Business and life is often blurred, but I know that even if I didn’t have a single business in current operation, each of these things would still be absolutely essential.

Here are a handful of the expenses I have that make life easier:



Microsoft Office 365. I truly appreciate all the great things Google Docs can do for you, but there’s a limit to the functionality. I need me some proper Office products, and Microsoft Office 365 covers it. A fiver comes out every month and I live good, knowing I can format whatever I want, whenever I want to, and from whatever device I’m on.

iCloud Storage. Do you understand how long I was avoiding the charges for this? It restricted so much, because I was always conscious of how many photos and videos I made. Years later, I discovered how cheap it was to upgrade the cloud storage, and haven’t looked back.

FreeAgent. Accountants are great people. Mine suggested the Excel method of accounting I’d been doing was a bit of a joke. He was right. So I got a solution that allows me to easily file expenditure away, keep on track with the business bank balance, and various other things.

TSOhost. The £2.99 hosting option is ideal for people that have a little idea that they’re thinking about, but haven’t got the time to fully develop. Every time the monthly bill comes around, I’m given a reminder that a little money is trickling out, and I need to get back on it one of my side websites.

Serious Mass. Before the Amazon subscription option, I would always leave it far too late to buy the next bag. This ensures that there’s no gap from one to the next.



Dropbox. You can try to fight it for ages. You can go get yourself an external hard drive. You can go and find every free way to squeeze out a little more storage. But you’re always going to need more. Just give in the pressure, pay up, and make sure that you’ve got room to store all of your data away safely.

Profit Accumulator. It’s free money. It may be possible to find the sports arbitrage opportunities without it, but Profit Accumulator literally tell you what to do to make it work. Everyone should be making hundreds off matched betting every month. It’s a very nice top up to the other income, so has a way of making life feel that little easier.


Ones Considering for the Future

WWE Network. I used to have this and it was amazing, but I still haven’t found enough time to bring it back into my life.

Readly. It just makes so much sense. Access to all the magazines you care about in one place, for so little.

Disney Life. I decided some time ago that Disney was evil, and not to be trusted. However, I’m not going to deny YoYo access to the best films ever made, when it’s so cheap.


Almost Certainly Never Going to Happen

Any Music Streaming Service. Until YouTube changes, it’s just not necessary.

Amazon Prime. I believe we can file this under ‘Don’t get high off your own supply’.

A Real Magazine Subscription. Just no.

Any Gift Subscription Box. I refuse to become a victim.


- Chiino

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