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(Last Updated On: March 26, 2017)

*R. Kelly voice* I usually don't do this, but ah…

I've been a professional wrestling fan for a very long time. My first known interaction with it came in 1998, so we're going way way back. Anyway, it turns out that all of that experience altered my judgment of the British public. I assumed that everyone knew the score. I'd been told repeatedly throughout my life “You know it's not real, don't you?” enough to think it was common knowledge. But apparently not.

The way the wrestlers talk – breaking up every line with a pause. The ridiculousness of the storylines. The way they fight – in a really, really inefficient manner. I mean – what is here to not get? After a couple of friends had to actually ask me if it was legit, I had to ask around. AND SO MANY PEOPLE ARE OBLIVIOUS! This post is just for those people.

To be fair, maybe they haven't actually watched it. If you only watch clips, you might get the wrong impression. People do get hit. They do get hurt. But it's not what you think. (I can't believe I'm writing this).

All of the magic will be stripped away with my favourite procrastination destination: Botchamania.

Here's one example:

Just to let people know, I've been taking a break from pro wrestling for just over a year. I might watch the odd highlight clip on YouTube when I know someone from backaday is back in the house, but I'm too committed to the Probably Busy lifestyle to return to my WWE Network subscription.

Here it is: wrestling is very entertaining. What they do is amazing. How it's packaged is addictive. I'm probably going to force YoYo to watch every episode of Raw and SmackDown with me one day. However, it's just not real.

Final note: here's what happened when I introduced him to The Boogeyman.

When YoYo Met Boogeyman - Probably Busy

Didn't go well, did it



- Chiino

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