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(Last Updated On: July 16, 2017)

What is Cashback?

Cashback is money you can reclaim for simply making a purchase on a retailer's website, by interacting with them in a certain way. For Nectar, you just need to have a card and you and connect it to Sainsbury's and eBay accounts. For Top Cashback and Quidco, you need to navigate to a retailer's site by clicking through their affiliate link. Cash accumulates over time, as you earn percentage-based rewards for your basket's value.

All cashback sites have different agreements with various retailers regarding what rebates you're eligible for. There can be overlap, which is way it benefits to sign up for as many as possible. For example, an eBay purchase will earn you Nectar points, and can also gives your Top Cashback account credit.

Top Cashback Retailers - Probably Busy


Why Does This Apply to Online Arbitrage?

For most every day shoppers, annual cashback earnings will be in the double digits. Monthly food shops and the odd online purchase will slowly build up to a nice little payout; the perfect top up to buy Christmas presents.

The savvy every day shoppers may even hit double digits, if they thought beyond product purchases, and have it set up for insurance and utility bills too. They will be very pleased to see what money they've amassed at the end of the year (or whenever they want to withdraw the funds).

For online arbitrage participants, that cashback should be making you sizeable chunks of cash every month. Even if your business is making a couple of grand a month revenue, your cashback will probably be in the double digits every month. If this is your full time gig, it will probably be far more. Remember: this is free money.

Where Can I Earn Cashback?

Cashback can be earned from pretty much all of the big name online retailers you can think of. Just search the website's name and “cashback” to see if Google can find the opportunities for you. The online arbitrage opportunities tend to be from these sites anyway, so there's no excuse not to try them out.

As mentioned before, Top Cashback, Quidco and Nectar are the big ones. Aside from them, others seem to be into TB Seen and Maximiles.


My Cashback Tips

Participation is the biggest tip here. I'll never forgive myself for all of the transactions I did before I turned to Top Cashback and Quidco. They are giving you free money in exchange for purchasing with them.

To maximise your cashback earnings, focus on building up your cash on either Top Cashback or Quidco, as these two often share the same sites. The only difference is usually that one has a greater percentage reward than the other. I would base it on where you shop most frequently and stick to it. Shop around first, but then focus. Generally, the cashback difference isn't that significant, so as long as your main sourcing website has a higher amount, stick to building up your cash there.

Look out for special rewards for particular tasks. For example, Top Cashback have previously run a promotion where the usual 1% on eBay purchases becomes 4%, if you shop via mobile. Quidco ran a massive promotion around Black Friday 2016. You can bet them or one of the others will do something big for Black Friday 2017. Keep on the lookout for any opportunity to maximise your earnings.


- Chiino

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