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(Last Updated On: March 16, 2019)

NThe new year represents a new opportunity to expand your business and meet your goals. However, many business owners make mistakes while revamping their businesses, and some of these mistakes can be expensive to deal with. Before committing to a new plan, it's important to take some time to ensure you avoid common pitfalls. Here are a few tips for making the most of the new year when transforming your business.

Explore Your Funding Options

When buying a house or car, it's critical to discover what kinds of loan options are available before exploring further. Small business owners sometimes begin making investments before they're ready. Before committing to a plan, find a business loan that might be able to fund it. Furthermore, make sure you set aside some extra money for unanticipated expenses. Note that it's easy to underestimate how much elements of your business plan will cost. Consider speaking with consultants or other professionals to help you determine if your plan is viable.

Seek Inspiration

You are not alone when it comes to using the new year as inspiration, and other business owners are likely to share some of their plans. Before settling on a specific path forward, take a step back and read or listen to other business owners, some of whom might have inspiring ideas you can implement. Find out some of the most popular small business changes in 2019. Even if you don't plan on implementing any of these ideas going forward, your competitors might, and having a sense of the changing small business landscape can prepare you for a strong year.

Legal Demands

As everyone in the small business knows, one of the most frustrating aspects is dealing with laws and regulations. When small business owners learn the laws relevant to their specific needs, they often stopped paying attention to legal issues. If you're planning on making big changes, it can be easy to overlook potential changes to how the law affects your new operations. Again, expert help may be the best path forward as even small mistakes can leave you facing hefty fines and other potential sanctions. Never make assumptions when it comes to legal matters; regulations don't always make sense.

Consider Your Branding

Building your brand is a cornerstone of maintaining long-term success. If you're making big changes, however, you may find that your old branding doesn't deliver as well as it used to. In particular, if one of your 2019 goals is to rely on or modern technology, it may be time to upgrade your logo to match. Furthermore, many plans involve using the internet for business activities. Determine whether your current logo and branding work well online. When it comes time to implement your upgrade, make sure all of your design elements look great on computer screens, smartphones and paper.

People often use the new year as a chance to start exciting new projects, and many small business owners do the same. However, it's important to temper enthusiasm with a bit of critical thinking and research. Making even small mistakes while making changes can have disastrous effects, so make sure to slow down on occasion so you can avoid common pitfalls.


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