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(Last Updated On: December 2, 2017)


2015 was the year I decided to take exercise a lot more seriously. After resisting forever, I decided that I needed some guidance from YouTube to give me a little push. I had lurked in forums infrequently over the years, but it was a difficult way to learn. YouTubers, however, can actually show you things through a far more engaging medium.

Since I went on a subscribing spree back in 2015, I’ve cut down all of my fitness-related YouTube content down to four channels. One is a big business company one, so doesn’t deserve extra props. The rest are DIYers whose content I actually pay attention to. The ones that didn’t make it fall into the following categories:

  • On juice
  • Fell off
  • Not very entertaining
  • Died (for real)

This is who I watch these days:

Athlean-X. if you’re going to go to any one channel for fitness advise, Jeff Cavaliere is your guy. He’s the biggest myth buster in the game, and manages to come up with the most creative ways to teach people how to improve whatever they want to about their bodies. The execution of his action-packed, concise videos is on point every time.

Jeff doesn’t have to do this, and this is one of the main reasons I feel compelled to watch everything he puts out. As a physical therapist to the stars – we’re talking active MBL players, WWE superstars, and athletes of various sorts – he could just hoard all of his valuable knowledge to himself. Instead, he’s helping people around the world properly improve what their fitness.


The Hodge Twins. The most helpful content on the Virginia twins’ channel came years ago, and I’d advise you go back to explore it. They talk about getting into bodybuilding into their 30s (after a short spell earlier on in life) and go through the process of learning all about muscle and applying it to what they do.

They are the most entertaining YouTubers in the space. No one can say otherwise. While they don’t offer as much advice these days and you’re more likely to see eating challenges than workout routines, they will throw the odd gem out there every now and again. I definitely ODed on Hodge Twins content at one stage in my life.


Mike Rashad. Mike hangs with the heavyweights, but knows his limits (unlike a lot of his peers). He’s someone that gives realistic goals for anyone that knows they’ll be able to put in the work, and shows them exactly how to achieve it with lengthy videos.

Mike’s on an MMA flex these days, but it hasn’t interfered with his output one bit. The diversity of the content is what makes his channel one of the more engaging ones to follow, as I’m sure his other regular subscribers will agree.


- Chiino

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