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(Last Updated On: December 4, 2017)


It’s nice to give back, and a year’s worth of content is a good excuse to. It’s a big deal, you know.

I’ve given away a couple of things on Twitter before, but those were just things that landed in my possession by accident. I want to do something with slightly more meaning this time around. Both of the other giveaways were for toys, so I thought I should keep that up. Everyone likes Funko Pops, so it just makes sense to make that my starting point.

I made a list of Funko Pop characters that – if I was the sort – I’d have in my own personal collection of. It turns out that the majority of those ones are really rare now, so there’s no way I can give them away, but there are plenty more to choose from. When I do more of these, they’re all going to revolve around my favourite childhood characters. We’re kicking it off with:

Jin Kazama. If you don’t know Tekken, it doesn’t matter. Just know that when he came on the scene for Tekken 3, he was the don. I started doing karate around that time, so he must have been part of the inspiration. I wanted gloves like his bad.

I’ve completely fallen off with the later games and the story line and all that, but he was on another level on Tekken 4. The moveset switch up made him the best person (besides Bryan) to play as. I’m jealous of whoever wins this.

As well as a chance to win the Funko Pop, all entrants will be signed up to my email list. Although you may not think it’s such a privilege, it’s soon going to be the home of all the content that regular punters don’t deserve. I’m going to tell you the best ways to earn more money, what I’m working on and let you in on a few secrets that just cannot go out to the masses.

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I’m thinking Free Up the Freebies should be a quarterly thing, so if you don’t win this time around, don’t worry. More will follow.


- Chiino

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