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(Last Updated On: December 30, 2017)


In what may turn into a series, I'd like to make a few suggestions. No complaints; just gentle nudges about things that would drastically improve the lives of many. Today I'm using YouTube as the focus, as it's a destination I spend a lot of time on.

I use it much more as a consumer than a content creator, so it's all done from this perspective, but I'm sure video makers would have plenty more to add.

Let's go:

1. App Closure

On smartphone YouTube apps, the thing locks off when you leave it. How's about we do something wild like let you continue listening while you get on with other things?

Fundamental and they know we've been asking for this from wah day.


2. History search

Here's a feature that we used to have, but they decided we no longer deserve. There have been so many occasions when I've watched or listened to a video that I don't recall the full name of a nd want to retrieve. It's fine if you've only watched it in the past week or so, but beyond that, a title search would give us the ability to go and track down things we may have seen years ago.

YouTube, man. You've got this whole history stored, so just let us search for it.


3. Duplication Reduction

60% of the time I spend on YouTube revolves around listening to music. Before you start, there's plenty of non-copyright-infringing uploads online.

There are so many duplicates on that site. So many. When it comes to new music, people scramble to get it up first, so they can reap the rewards from it. That's understood. But in the long term, we only really need the highest quality version. Can we do something about having too many uploads of the same title? It probably only makes sense with music, but please have a word.


4. Playback speed

We shouldn't have to use third party tool to have this functionality. People want faster versions of uploads. We want to consume long-form content. We don't even mind if we don't have the ability to skip ads that play at normal speeds; we just need to get through some of these videos faster.

The faster we can watch videos, the more videos we have time to watch, the more adverts we can be exposed to. I'm helping you out here.


5. Fix live broadcasts

I've never attempted to broadcast live from YouTube before, but however you do it, it seems to be the hardest things for content creators to get their heads around. I've seen so many channel owners hype up their first live show and then flop because of technical issues.

Whatever the deal is, make it more intuitive for people to make live videos and encourage these people to reupload the videos without the five minutes of “Can you hear me?” “Can you see my face or the screen?” at the beginning. It's jarring, mate.


6. Chill with the vloggers in the Trending list

I hear that you want everyday people to be the stars of the platform, but these lifestyle vloggers are not making transcending content everyday that deserves those Trending features.

Limit the amount you feature, guys. You know what content the general public likes. Keep them haul videos from 'round me.


7. Bring back Recent Uploads

I can't be sure how many years ago his feature left, but it was a true gem of the platform. Here you'd find all of the 7 seconds of blur, You've Been Framed outtakes and loads of naked people. You never knew what was coming next. It's very difficult to find this pure kind of content, thanks to how their search algorithm works.

I'm sure you'll say it's impractical and it's difficult to police whether it meets the community guidelines or something, but I've got plenty of love for it.


9. Recommendation Cycles

The recommended videos can leave you in a cycle of very similar content. It may be good in instances where you're trying to discover new things, but it completely takes the fun for the exploration aspect of YouTube.

You're very clever at recommending things I'm likely to enjoy, but if it means I end up in another loop of listening to Dennis Edwards, René & Angela and The Whispers, I won't enjoy my experience as much as if it took me off the beaten track.

The recommendations cloud my mind and often take me down paths I didn't intend to go down, and I'd appreciate if YouTube respected and attempted to fix this for me.


10. Embedding Comments

YouTube comments are one of the single greatest gifts to people of the 21st century. While I've never done one of my own on the site, there are many I like to savour for contimental reasons. For blogging purposes, I would have some much more fluid content if we had the ability to embed some of these comments into posts, without just screenshotting.

Lads, figure this one out. It would be revolutionary.


11. Phrase Match

How on earth does YouTube not recognise quote marked-phrase matching, in the same way Google does? Copy and pasting song titles may present strange listings because of this. It must be a bug or something, because it makes no sense to make the Google search functions different to the YouTube ones.

You know what you need to do here, guys.


12. Drake Allowance

Drake's the poster boy for Apple Music. Good on him. Unfortunately, the exclusivity deal means that people that would like to listen to his music can't access it on YouTube (unlike basically any other artist that anyone wants to listen to. I propose that we have a Drake Allowance: a maximum amount of music we can listen to of Aubrey's per day/week/month. Once exceeded, your only option is to head over to the Apple streamy thing.

It's wrong that YouTube users can't listen to “Blem” or “Fake Love” at their own convenience. Human rights violation.


- Chiino

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