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(Last Updated On: December 2, 2017)

I’m a money blogger from the UK, and people that fit that description are privileged enough to have an annual conference and awards to meet up and talk exactly that. Andy – who blogs at Be Clever with Your Cash – runs the UKMoneyBloggers.com site, which hosted its third event in London this weekend, inviting personal finance, thrifty, investment and entrepreneurial bloggers of all kinds to 1) share their wisdom 2) get rewarded for their hard work in the past year.

I get to tag along to blogger events every now and again, but never to ones where money bloggers get any love, so this was a treat.

The conference deserves so much praise. It gave everyone a chance to hear directly from some of the community’s most prominent voices on topics that everyone thinks about, but probably doesn’t discuss very often. For instance,Mike from The 7 Circles, Lynn from Mrs Mummy Penny and James Norton Vanguard opened peoples’ eyes to the necessity and various methods of saving and investing. A little later on, Emma Drew, Katy Kicker and Lotty Earns went in depth on the ethics and complexities of sponsored content.

We got so much value from Latest Free Stuff’s Deepak, who did a rapid-fire guide to essential blog tools and plugins, and also Tom Church (Latest Deals), Jenni Hill (Can’t Swing a Cat) and Cass (Diary of a Frugal Family), who opened up on their experiences of running and maintaining bustling Facebook groups. Everyone went home with something practical they’re bound to apply to their blogs/lives thanks to those discussions.

On top of all of that, they had more intimate chats with experts in particular areas of blogging. After a full week of deliberation, I went along to one hosted by Di Coke on self-publishing (prompting me to want to put some old plans into action again) and one from Emma Drew (who did the Turn Your Dreams into Money blog course) on e-courses. Again, it meant that everyone probably couldn’t wait to get home to apply the insights they’ve gained from it all.

Guess how many hundreds more things got added to my to-do list, off the back of all this.

While I’m here, I should really run through all of the 2017 SHOMO Award winners:

Best Parenting and Money Blog: Mrs Mummy Penny (runner up: Frugal Family)

Best Specialist Money Blog: Debt Camel (r/up: Super Lucky Me)

Best Investing or Retirement Blog: The 7 Circles (r/up: Monevator)

Best Frugal Food Blog: Reduced Grub (r/up: Frugal Family)

Best Frugal & Thrift Blog: Eco Thrifty Living (r/up: Emma Drew)

Best New Blog: Abiola Ola (r/up: Skinted Minted Mum)

Best Money Vlog: Be Clever with Your Cash (r/up: Emma Drew)

Best Money Podcast: Meaningful Money (r/up: Money to the Masses)

Best Money Social Media: Lotty Earns (r/up: Skint Dad)

Best Designed Blog: Lotty Earns

Best Company or Brand Money Blog: Mouthy Money (r/up: GoCompare)

Best International Blog: Budgets are Sexy (r/up: Making Sense of Cents)

Best Personal Finance Blog: Skinted Minted Mum (r/up: Be Clever with Your Cash)

Best Money Saving Blog: Be Clever with Your Cash (r/up: Lotty Earns)

Best Money Making Blog: Emma Drew (runner-up: From Pennies to Pounds)

People’s Choice Award: Skint Dad (runner-up: Lotty Earns)

Money Blogger of the Year: Debt Camel


Big shouts to Andy for putting on such a slick event, all the winners, nominees, sponsors and everyone I met on the day.


- Chiino

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