Online Money Making Glossary - Probably Busy

Find below a list of the terminology you can expect to hear in the UK online money making community.

Affiliate marketing: A method to earn money by referring traffic to a website, and earning commission for a subsequent action

Arbing: To participate in and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities

Blog: A personal or company outlet for text-based content

Cashback: Rebates earned for shopping at specific online retailers, often through an affiliate programme

Comper: A person that enters into competitions frequently or in high volumes

Comping: To enter competitions in high volumes, or with significant frequency

Earnings diary: A record of miscellaneous earnings made over a set period of time

Earnings report: A round-up for earnings gained through (primarily) online means

eBay: Online marketplace that allows people to buy and sell products via auction or fixes prices

Etsy: Online marketplace for craft and personalised products, as well as vintage items

FI: Financial independence. To live on sustainable personal wealth, often through passive income

Financial independence: To be able to live off personal wealth, which may or may not be topped up through passive income streams

FIRE: Financial independence, retire early. An aspiration of many online money makers.

Fiverr: An online marketplace for gigs, with people able to buy and sell services from as little as $5

Focus group: A market research group that invites incentivised individuals to share their thoughts on a particular product or service

Freelance: To sell services to clients

Freelancer: An online marketplace for freelancers and those that want to employ them

Gift card: A physical and digital card preloaded with money, usually to be spent with a specific retailer

Gig: A paid task or service

Gubbing: When a bookmaker disables an account for matched betting

Income report: Log of earnings, usually just from online means

KDP: Kindle Direct Publishing. Amazon’s ebook publishing wing, allowing the public to sell their writing

Kindle Direct Publishing: A ebook publishing via Amazon that enables anyone to publish and sell self-written books

Lay bet: A bet against the outcome of an event

Legit: An online money making opportunity that is proven to work or pay out to users

Market research: To offer feedback regarding a product or service, in exchange for compensation

Martin Lewis: The founder of Money Saving Expert, a UK-based website offering advice for money saving and making

Matched betting: Risk-free method of betting, matching one outcome with the opposite, typically using bonus funds

MB: Matched betting. A method of earning from placing risk-free bets

Micro job: A task, usually requiring minimal effort, that results in earnings

MLM: Multi-level marketing. Referral-based marketing system

Money Saving Expert: UK website offering advice on money, in particular how to save and make more

MSE: Money Saving Expert. Popular UK website about money saving and earning

Multi-level marketing: Tiered referral-driven pyramid selling system

Music Magpie: Popular trade-in platform for CDs, DVDs, games and more

Mystery shopping: To take part in a secret task to ‘shop’ in an establishment, often to test customer service, amenities and the experience

Outsource: To delegate tasks to another individual

P2P lending: Peer-to-peer lending. To loan or borrow money to others online, without having to go through a bank or traditional lender

Paid to: A type of online money-making platform that rewards users for low-effort tasks

Payment proof: Screenshot or photographic evidence that an online money making website or app has paid out in the past

Payment threshold: The minimum value required, before a user can cashout their earnings on a money making website or app

Payout: To receive payment from a website, often once a certain redemption point has been met

Peer-to-peer lending: The act of loaning and borrow money to others online, bypassing banks and other institutions

People Per Hour: A UK online marketplace for freelance services

PPH: People Per Hour. A UK freelancer marketplace

Print on demand. Inventory-free printing service

PTC: Paid to click. To get paid in return for clicking on websites, adverts or other online platforms

Redemption: The value required to redeem funds on a website

Referral: The act of gaining new users for a money-making website, often in return for commission

Scam: An online money making opportunity that has turned out to be fake, or aimed to defraud users

Side hustle. An alternative method of making money, aside from a traditional full-time job

Search engine evaluator: A person who works from home testing search engine results pages

Shopify. Popular, simple set-up ecommerce platform

Slice the Pie: Website that enables users to get paid to review music and clothes

Social media evaluator: A person who works from home testing social media

Surveys: Online questionnaires which reward users with money or points towards a gift card

Swagbucks: Popular website that rewards users for completing tasks and surveys

The Money Shed: UK forum for people that top up their earnings via (mainly) online means

Toluna: Popular survey website that gives people money in return for their opinions

Trade-in: To send an individual item or box of them to a company (such as Music Magpie or CeX) in return for money

Treasure Trooper: A website offering users the chance to earn money by completing surveys, watching videos and more

UpWork: An online marketplace to buy and sell services, particularly for freelancers

Upwork: Popular online marketplace to exchange services

VA: Virtual assistant. A remote worker that carries out administrative tasks for clients

Virtual assistant: A remote freelance worker that may complete administrative tasks for a client

WFH: Work from Home. To be able to complete work remotely, usually from home

Work from home: To have the freedom to work remotely, from home or elsewhere

YouGov: Popular UK survey website that rewards survey-answering users with cash

Zapper: Trade-in platform for media and books

Zeek: An online marketplace for gift cards

Ziffit: Popular media and books trade-in platform