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(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

No matter how much dedication you put into your football team; they can keep letting you down. Even though our under-20s have just won the World Cup (well done lads; let’s pray this can continue into their, and our, future), being left holding your head in your hands after each match can be draining. You’re always going to support the beautiful game, but what if it’s time to take an interest elsewhere in the world of sport. The following are some sports to check out that you might not have thought to before; but, they may well bring you more joy than footy every Saturday.



Many people will tell you that the best bit about golf is the 19th hole (that’s the part where you get to leave and head to the pub). However, golf isn’t all Donald Trump and chinos; with The Masters, PGA Tour, and US Open, there’s always plenty of competitions to check out. Golf can be the reliable sport that you can have on throughout your day, or keep dipping in and out of to check out what’s happening. If you feel like giving golf a try, then check out the latest news here.



For something a little more high-octane than Dustin Johnson’s swing on the golf course; NASCAR has a lot more speed and noise. NASCAR is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the US, and the character of the cars that have been built from the ground up, are a huge draw for many new fans of the sport. MotoGP news has all the information you’ll need to spark your interest and is worth checking out. NASCAR racing is perfect for those who like the sound of loud engines in their living room on the weekend.



Wrestling, while not technically a “real” sport, is probably going to be the most entertaining for people who want pure action and results. For those of you that still think that wrestling is real, it might be an idea to check out the following post; https://probablybusy.com/living/misc/pro-wrestling-is-not-real/ and have a read. Once you’ve accepted what you’re watching; it’s time to embrace the drama, choose a favourite wrestler, and start shouting at the ones you don’t like on the screen.



If you liked watching the wrestling but thought it would be better if it were real; UFC might be the option for you. The fighting in UFC is not for the faint-hearted. However, these guys will give their all to win, which makes for an adrenaline-filled evening of viewing. The hype before the fight is all part of the results, and fighters will hit each other psychologically before they’ve even thrown a punch. So, if you want a “hanging off the edge of your seat” sort of sport, that will get you blood pumping, give the Ultimate Fighting Championship a try.


American Football

When British football isn’t doing it for you; why not try the American variety. The NFL has gained more popularity in recent years with UK fans, and games are now played on our shores and tickets sell out fast. A totally different style of football (plenty of handball in this game), it won’t suit everyone. However, if you’re craving a new team sport, that’s a bit louder and, well, more American, than it’s English counterpart; check out the NFL and see what all the hype is about.


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