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About Me and This Here Blog

Easy now, people. I'm Chiino. This is Probably Busy, a lifestyle blog. Bit of money making advice. Bit of what I'm listening to. Bit of what's going on. Are you down?

Here’s what it is: I’ve been making extra cash online for a solid 10 years, but people complain that I don’t share my secrets enough. If you want to hear about all that, you have to put up with me talking about my music collection too, and bits about my little one, YoYo (born Jan 2017).

It all started in Summer ’07 with a [how to make money online] Google search, and escalated from there. Couple distractions along the way, but we’re here now.

You can waste a lot of time working out the best way to make money online, so I gave myself 2 years to crack my own formula. The 2 turned into 5, then 8 and now 10.

It's not about what works – because plenty have – it's about what lifestyle fits best. If you're constantly ‘probably busy', at least enjoy it. I'm out here building businesses that I can do at my convenience and I enjoy. That's how we're moving.

I'm all about efficiency, productivity, and making the most of my time. As it goes, that often means making other people busy for me. Now the team's in full flow, I can put everyone up on game.


New to Online Money Making?

No matter how much spare time you have to play with, there’s a way to fit in money-making methods into your lifestyle.

Head over to the Earning section. I’ll lace you up with some entry-level methods to get you started. Take your time. You’ll probably need to try a few things out, before you decide what works best for you.

Once you’re ready, Selling might be for you. You can definitely make money online without putting a penny in, but to rake in big boy funds, you might make a couple investments.


Advanced at Online Money Making?

Rinsing them survey sites? Know the difference between Zapper and Music Magpie? Done a bit of affiliate marketing? Made and sold a website? Running a private label business on the side? Dropshipping a lil' something from China to American impulse buyers? However you’re getting it in, I’ve got tips for you too.

I’m sure you’ll be aware of the micro earners worth your time in the Earning section, so go and have a look in there first. After, I’ve got a few eBay and Amazon-specific ecommerce insights for you.

Diversification’s my thing, because this game’s no fun if you don’t mix the slow burners with the quick turnaround projects. I’ll give you a peek into how I’m balancing things.