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(Last Updated On: October 24, 2018)

Let’s be honest for a second, since its inception, blogging has changed big time. It used to be something reserved for people with a) too much spare time did, b) teenagers that thought the world was interested in what they had for breakfast and c) people that wanted to be journalists and the only way to start was to voice your opinions somewhere visible.


Nowadays, it is used by everyone and for good reason. Get your blog right and your brand can take off like a space shuttle, your SEO can be enhanced, your position as a thought leader can be set in stone and your additional income can blow your mind.


That said, there are rules and trends that you need to know about, all of which constantly grow and change. So, to help you get off to a flying start next year, here are the things you need to know if success is on your to-do list.


  1. The Authentic Wins

Blogging has been around long enough for audiences to know when someone is being authentic or not and, guess what, they have no time for the latter. What attracts readers is humour, information, value, entertainment or empathy – not being sold to. If you fail on this front, you fail on all fronts.


  1. Bigger Is Better

Once upon a time, the algorithm meant that blog posts should aim to be 500 to 750 words. This, however, has changed. Sure, for some content it is still great but, most of the time, longer reads are looked upon favourably. More online visibility, more authority, more engagement and thus more money.


  1. No More Generics

Imagery has long been celebrated as crucial. As you can see from this 13 Kickass Facts About Blogging, having relevant imagery makes posts more memorable. However, people are getting tired of stock imagery, so maybe it is time to look at photography courses for beginners and make your imagery a lot more personalised. It will be good for your brand and great for your viewers.


  1. Words Aren’t All

Content is king and words will always be a big part of that, but shaking things up with your content is the way to go. People now want to see video content included and podcasts are growing in popularity too. So, if you haven’t already, make 2018 the year you start vlogging and recording and adding video content to your strategy. If nothing else, you will break tedium and widen your net.


  1. SEO Is Super-Important

If you aren’t optimising your blog posts, how on earth do you expect them to grow? You can’t. Your audience will remain limited, your reach will stay stagnant and your revenue will follow suit. Now, we know it is hard to keep up with this side of things, especially given it is an ever-evolving metric, but you need to make it your focus ion 2018. Go on an SEO course, learn the basics using the internet and start understanding how you can grow your online visibility.


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