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(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

On January 1st, chances are you had bags of motivation and were ready to make this year your happiest and healthiest yet. But months down the line, it might have begun to dwindle until you reached the stage where you can’t even remember when you last hit the gym. But with summer around the corner, now is the perfect chance to get back on it. Here are a few reasons to give your gym membership a renew and get back to working out regularly.


Improves Fitness and Endurance

Fitness and endurance quickly decrease when we lower our physical activity. If you’ve been out of the habit of exercising for a while, maybe due to an illness or injury or a bad routine, you might even start struggling in your daily life. Whereas once you might have flown up a couple of flights of stairs, now you might find yourself struggling for breath. Having a kick about with friends or running around after your kids probably leaves you exhausted and you know you’re not at your peak physical fitness. When you’re fit and have high endurance levels, you can get out there and live your life with nothing holding you back. You could go on an adventure, or run a marathon at the drop of the hat if you wanted. It simply makes life easier and better.


Sculpts The Body

Exercise makes a body look like it was designed to look; toned and athletic with visible muscles. If you’re feeling flabby, lose or are lacking in definition, putting your diet right and hitting the gym will sculpt your body into something you can be really proud of. Sites like Are They On Steriods give advice about how to deal with problematic issues like man boobs- unsurprisingly increasing your exercise features on the list.


Improves Skin, Bones, Organs and Tissues

On a cellular level, exercise benefits just about every part of your body. It promotes healing, strengthens bones, improves the capacity of organs and keeps your body running like a finely tuned machine. Your skin will be clearer, your hair will be healthier and generally just function to your best potential.


Combats Mental Health Problems

Mental health issues like depression and anxiety are surprisingly common. While these are complex conditions with many different factors at play, one thing that's been shown time and time again is exercise. It releases the brain’s ‘happy chemicals’ giving you a natural high. Exercise can also feel productive, and just the act of getting dressed and getting out to the gym can help put you in a better frame of mind. When you’re feeling low, the last thing you probably want to do is exercise. But if you’re able to push yourself, you’ll be so glad after you’ve finished your workout.


Boosts Confidence and Wellbeing

All of these factors combined means that working out just makes you feel good. When you know you’re healthy, look good and are spending your time doing something worthwhile it can be a huge mood booster which can transfer to other areas of your life. You’ll probably be inspired to eat healthier, adopt better sleeping habits and quit your dangerous vices like binge drinking or smoking.


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