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(Last Updated On: October 27, 2017)

Frodo Baggins has taught us all, hiking up a mountain is no joke. It’s fraught with unforeseen dangers, unfamiliar smells and sounds, at times menacing wildlife and out there, all alone in the wilderness is when you truly learn how unforgiving mother nature can be. On the flip side, it’s great fun! The beautiful capitalist economy you’re familiar with has spawned some of the best technology for average joes, and the sector of hiking apparel is no different.


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The way going up

Choosing the best hiking boot is pretty much in the category of ‘it’s all relative.' Contrary to popular belief, the most important thing in a boot made to trek up mountains isn’t the overall design but the material with which it’s made out of. The top material could be a mixture of synthetics and suede, but the outsole of the boot is by far the most important aspect. A leading friction sole brand is Vibram; an Italian Alps company that specializes in making outsoles that are minimalistic and designed to aid biomechanics by fitting the natural shape of a human foot. One of the most important requirements to go hiking is to have the best gripping boots you can get, therefore decreasing the risk of tumbling down a hillside.


Staying comfortable

As well as a durable hiking backpack, functional jackets will come in handy for your escapades . The essential requirements for this type of outdoor wear is that it needs to be waterproof, highly insulating and windproof. The best jackets are of the alpine variety; because they factor in the requirements above but focus on staying light. You want to look for an ‘insulated hard shell.' The Droites Parka has great versatility, and because you’ll most likely be wearing a rucksack of some kind, it has the patented ‘thinsulate’ technology; keeping it light and durable.


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The way coming down

The adventure will have to come to an end sometime, but who said descending had to be a chore? You don’t need to go hiking for a weekend if you don’t fancy a night of sleep in the woods. Hiking up a tall mountain can be for thrill seekers too. If you're only going up a mountain for a day or you’re sharing a rucksack, you could instead feed your need for speed. Before you take your weekend journey, saddle yourself in for some wingsuit flying lessons. At the summit of the mountain, you could jump off the edge and take to the skies, hitting speeds of up to 100mph. But if you’re not into that and prefer to descend the mountain in a more traditional manner, you could pack a folding bike with your marshmallows. The montague paratrooper is a compact mountain bike in a style originally designed for the special forces.   


Go go gadget

You may want to keep your eyes on a device of the future, expressly designed for hiking. Meet Earl, the survival tablet. It features a GPS, weather sensor, thermometer, barometer, a compass, AM/FM radio, a built-in walker-talker that functions up to 20 miles, the latest Android software and the best of all, solar charging. Even with all that, it’s proposed to have low energy consumption, so if you’re a hiking enthusiast, this gadget is something to look out for.



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