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(Last Updated On: October 26, 2017)

If one thing is true in business – it is that you must be marketing your business. If you refuse to help the name of your business spread, you won’t be expanding your share of your desired market. In actual fact, you might not be making much business at all. Marketing is so important to running a business. It is the process that binds together the critical business functions of researching, then promoting and then selling. It is the process of not only attracting more customers, but informing them as well. Why else is it so important to market? Well – businesses need to make profit to grow. Profits come from sales, mostly -which itself stems from a target market. Marketing is the act that helps your target market decide on choosing to shop with your business. You must convince your target market that your business can offer value or interest to the target market. Marketing is absolutely vital to make sales – if a business doesn't market in some form – it risks making no sales.

If you've never got to grips with marketing – thankfully the time is right for you to start as there has never been a better tool available for businesses looking to spread the word than the internet. The internet allows your business to exist in a virtual space, it allows your business to sell goods – and it allows your business to get itself known. Do all the groundwork, identify your target base and realise their needs – then open up your laptop. We've got work to do.



The main thing you absolutely need to make good of marketing on the web is a website. This is your digital storefront, or at least an online presence for your business – it is pointless marketing yourself on the web without a website or presence of some sort whether it is an information page, a blog or a store. It is imperative that you deploy a website that works across devices and is fully functional and operational in the modern world.


When you have a website, you can truly get to work. Adding descriptive and creative copy to not only describe your business, but your products help lure an audience in – but it also captures the attention of search engines which are a partner you need on your side. Good copy with relevant and strong keywords helps rope people in. You also need to use your site to generate leads, offer something, like a newsletter to your customers to grab info that can be used for marketing campaigns. Design your newsletter well though – here are some newsletter examples. Don't get into it if you're not going to be informative or creative!


There are plenty more ways businesses can market online – from social media, content creation and power marketing as well as paid commercials, but these are nothing with a solid foundation of a website and search engine optimization. Get the basics of internet marketing right, and you might just be unstoppable when you get your head around the other parts!



- Chiino

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