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(Last Updated On: February 5, 2019)

What is CitizenMe?

CitizenMe is a paid survey app that rewards you for providing non-invasive personal information to them. They understand that people should be incentivised to share data with other companies, so do exactly that.


How Does CitizenMe Work?

You know the paid survey game. When you qualify for something new, they tell you.

It’s all done on your phone, not requiring you to do anything on your desktop at all, so great for those that want to earn a little extra cash on the go.

CitizenMe gives you a shout (or a push notification) every time it has something worthwhile to notify you about. Once they have a new paid survey for you, you get alerted, so there’s no need to check in to find out (or have your emails cluttered). Once completed, you get credited for it and it gets deposited in your PayPal account.

CitizenMe Cashout - Probably Busy


How Much Money Will You Earn?

You’re going to struggle to make more than a couple of pounds per month from this, but that’s an extra couple of pounds, so stick with it.


What’s in it for Them?

It’s market research at the end of the day, so they’re gathering information on behalf of clients. Nothing to worry about if you’re signed up to similar ones.

CitizenMe Survey - Probably Busy

What’s in it for You?

Cash. Straight like that. It’s the only reason I brought it to your attention. Plus, the money is transferred automatically when you complete each paid survey.


Is CitizenMe a Scam?

No scams detected. They pay literally the second after you complete each survey. It couldn't get any better.


What’s My Experience with CitizenMe?

I was very impressed by CitizenMe as a paid survey app. Most of the ones I’ve used in the past have been riddled with problems. This one is very modern in its functionality and very understanding that most really don’t have time to answer loads of questions. They get right to the point, never repeat those annoying screening demographic questions. If you haven’t done paid surveys in a while, it’ll get you excited for them again. I was shocked that I’ve been paid for surveys that had as little as six questions.

They as for basic demographic information and then request access to your social media profiles, so they can get even more information. It’s completely up to you how much you share, but it obviously has a direct impact on how much you can earn from it.

It’s immersive and very well marketed. There’s even a leaderboard to encourage you to take part in all the non-paid surveys they have on the app too (which I’m obviously not advising you do, but they’re worth knowing about).

Aside from all of the superficial things, I haven’t got all that much out of CitizenMe. I’ve earned very small amounts and there have been weeks where I haven’t had a push notification about paid opportunities. There’s a chance that it’s partly to do with my social media habits. I don’t like very many pages on Facebook at all and they'd prefer if I changed that, but it is what it is. When the surveys do come, you're more grateful for getting them.

CitizenMe Push Notification - Probably Busy



Minimum redemption: n/a

Time required: Minutes every few days

Effort required: However much it takes to answer a handful of multiple-choice questions

Earning potential: A couple of pounds every month

Website: CitizenMe



Slick app that pays if you provide enough information. The rewards are very small, but the surveys are so short that you really won’t mind.


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