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(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)


We all make mistakes; new eBay sellers especially. Even the ones with a few years of experience can have slip-ups that cost them.

On my secondary account – one for selling my own unwanted stuff – I messed up a few times in a short space of time last year. I was mid-move and was just trying to get rid of what was around. Part of the eBay Pile of Shame went. The Personal Pile of Shame went. The listings were rushed, underpriced and I paid for it.

A pair of Converse. Brand new with the box. I used the American size instead of the UK one. My bad. Minor. Quick return. Move on.

Then a PC monitor I had sitting around got sent with the wrong stand. And I'd sold all eight of the other stands.

Slips ups are nice on eBay. No one is perfect and they know this. But when a few happen in quick succession, and the percentage of problem-free transactions starts to slip, eBay has to step in and say something.


1. Don’t panic

It’s the one thing you need to stop yourself from doing. Overcome that, and the rest should be just fine.


2. Keep listing

The more you list, the more any bad sells are diluted. Not only is this good to improve your feedback, but also for your conversion rate too. Social proof from reviews helps future products sell. You already know this.


3. Pay attention

The reason I ended up in the situation was because I let things slip. If you're on point and you're always sure to double-check before you list and ship, you're removing more potential failure points.


4. Mark shipments as posted

eBay wants happy customers. Happy customer receive their parcels before they have to ask where they are. This is a metric eBay actually tracks, giving them an indication of whether you're actually following through with your commitment to post in 1, 2 or 3 days.


5. Provide tracking

Linked to the previous one, by simply adding tracking, you're giving customers all of the knowledge you have about the parcel's whereabouts. As long as you post in good time, they're usually happy to chase up late arriving tracked mail.

(By the way, myHermes is my eBay courier of choice).


6. Respond to questions quickly

Again, eBay has to look after themselves. It's a bad buying experience for customers if questions are met with a brick wall. You're encouraged to respond to questions promptly, whether an answer is necessary (from your view) or not.


- Chiino

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