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(Last Updated On: February 13, 2019)

What is Online Arbitrage Deals?

Online Arbitrage Deals (formerly known as Bookable VA) is a deal finding service for Amazon sellers. Their team searches for the day’s best online arbitrage deals for UK and US sellers. They share their findings to pools of sellers, giving them a heads up on opportunities to sell profitable products as and when they come across them.

Their team for virtual assistants scours the web to find arbitrage opportunities in a range of categories, removing any that may cause problems (i.e. private label or HAZMAT) and just provide examples of items that meet their standardised, industry-standard deal viability criteria.

Example deal

Why Would You Use a Deal-Finding Service?

While I wouldn’t say that online arbitrage is complicated, finding enough products to consistently grow your business takes a lot of hard work. Many people that take up online arbitrage do so while they’re in full-time jobs, so don’t have the time to dedicate to it. They may be able to find a couple deals in an evening by themselves, but they’re not going to be able to find enough to replace their day job’s income without some help.

You have a few different options to speed up your sourcing:

  • Online arbitrage software
  • Hiring virtual assistants
  • Deal-finding services

Each of them have their positives and drawbacks, but deal services are often used because they encompass all three. They almost always consist of teams of virtual assistants that use industry-leading online arbitrage software to find the most promising opportunities.

As good as software is, there’s still lots of work to do once you have a list of potential products to invest in. A deal-finding service goes a step further and narrows down a list of hundreds of prospects into a handful of essentials. It’s quick – all you have to do is login to see what products they’ve found.

Why is it Different to Other Deal-Finding Services?

Online Arbitrage Deals sets itself aside from its competitors thanks to the way it distributes deals. The issue many people find with these services is that all of the deals are simply listed on a shared Google Sheet. All sellers signed up to the service are shown the same deals at the same time, and there’s a chance that when you log in after work, the 50 other sellers with access to the sheet would have cleared the shelves – buying all the stock before you even saw what was available.

The way Online Arbitrage Deals sets itself aside from others is through its Deal Flow system, a unique feature in which opportunities are presented to you gradually throughout the day. This staggered format means that deals aren’t as susceptible to being poached throughout the day, but it still favours those that work on their Amazon businesses full-time.

Other elements that set it apart are the nature of the deals. They ensure that everything you see is:

  • At least 30% ROI
  • Returns at least £3 profit per unit
  • Fast sellers, with over 80% of all deals in top 1-2% Sales Rank in their category
  • Not HAZMAT
  • Not from brand known to trigger IP claims

That’s a great foundation to work from. It cuts a lot of time out from the offset, making sure you avoid things you’re not going to be interested in selling or won’t be able to. On top of this, you can filter to your specifications. You’re able to adjust the settings so you’re only presented with products from a particular store, or decide on a minimum ROI and profit, or maximum product cost of your choosing.

Suspension Safeguard explanation

The more you filter, the less products you’ll see, but it’s good to have that choice of just having – for example – products with a 60%+ return on investment.

What Product Details Do You See?

You get a lot of basic information to make a decision of whether or not it’s worth looking a bit deeper into a product. The Deal Flow presents you with:

  • Product image
  • Source site and Amazon listings
  • Keepa price/sales rank and number of seller charts
  • Amazon Fees
  • Profit
  • ROI
  • Category
  • Number of FBA sellers

They also add whether any promotions are on (eg 3 for 2) and any other relevant details before you may choose to buy. I can’t imagine what else you could possibly need from it.

Deal data

At the time of writing it wasn’t active, but they’re also going to integrate BuyBotPro into the interface too. This would make it a lot quicker to decide how many units you should probably invest.

What’s My Experience with Online Arbitrage Deals?

I decided to give Online Arbitrage Deals a go to switch up my sourcing methods for a change and get inspiration to sell in different product categories. It’s always good to do this when you feel like you’re selling a lot of the same stuff. I haven’t used any online arbitrage deal-hunting service prior to this (or even done any trials for any) so I haven’t got any perspective on whether the quality of these deals is any better than the competition.

I was greeted with some very welcome information – an 11-part course on online arbitrage. It's a bonus for a seller at any level, because you can always pick up new tricks and methods from others.

Email course modules

Once I signed up, I was thrilled to see that they delivered on their promise of a wide product category selection. Over the course of the first week, I was presented with things from the Beauty, Video Games, Health & Personal Care, DIY, Toys and Home categories. Items from Smyths, Cool Shop and Holland & Barratt all came up, none of which feature on my software of choice Tactical Arbitrage. It means I would otherwise have missed these deals with my favourite sourcing method.

As I’ve got used to buying from sites with low delivery fees, it soon became frustrating that a lot of deals presented were nullified by P&P. Some may have free click and collect options, but that’s not how I do my online arbitrage. Lots of the opportunities were wiped because the delivery charges were too high/it wasn’t worth investing in high volumes of the SKUs. While that limitation of online arbitrage rather than the tool, it meant that very few deals were worth pursuing.

Notice when new deal is about to appear

While the Deal Flow format is great to stop people sharing deals by copying and pasting Google sheets easily, competition is still an issue. I found that all of the deals I bought had their ROIs eroded by the time they were live in my inventory. Lots more sellers joined the listings and initiated races to the bottom for low returns. It’s impossible to say whether Online Arbitrage Deals members are the ones buying the same deals and pushing the price down to get quick sales, but it’s not a problem with the majority of my other buys.

I learned a lot over the course of the month I used the tool for. There are so many gaps in terms of stores (some of which are quite obviously) that I just don’t search for deals on. There were a few oversized items, very fragile ones (like lamps) and other things that I wouldn’t even have considered buying before, but remind me just how many opportunities are out there if you change your perspective a little.

Example deal

While I appreciate that lots of people claim to have built successful online arbitrage businesses solely using Online Arbitrage Deals for product sourcing, it’s not something I would be able to rely on as my sole sourcing platform. I much prefer having the control with sourcing software. There’s a chance that the plan I chose (the cheapest one with the fewest deals per day) meant my experience wasn’t the best, but if it can’t prove itself at that level, I can’t just hope it’ll be better on a more expensive plan.

I don’t plan on continuing my membership, because I expect to get more value from deals I sourced with software than the ones it presented to me. It’s reinforced my view on online arbitrage sourcing sheets, as there ended up being too much competition on all the ones I bought. Nonetheless, I will return to it when I’m struggling for inspiration and need to mix things up.

How Much Does Online Arbitrage Deals Cost?

Online Arbitrage Deals has three different pricing plans. The one you should go for depends entirely upon the amount of budget you have for online arbitrage stock each month.

Silver Package
£99 (+VAT)
For those with >£5,000 buy capital
7-10 deals per day
24-hour live Deal Flow
Monday-Friday service
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Gold Package
£179 (+ VAT)
For those with £5,000-£10,000 buy capital
11-13 deals per day
24-hour live Deal Flow
Monday-Friday service
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Platinum Package
£249 (+ VAT)
For those with £10,000+ buy capital
14-17 deals per day
24-hour live Deal Flow
Monday-Friday service
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They give you the ability to upgrade or cancel at any time.


Online Arbitrage Deals is a major step up from static sourcing sheets, staggering deals with alerts throughout the day. It’s very well designed and encourages good sourcing practices like buying from a wide variety of websites and selling in an assortment of categories, but it presents a lot of deals that end up being flooded with competition.

I value it more for product sourcing inspiration than I do for directing me to products to invest in. Experienced sellers will get value from this, but I fear new sellers may trust the deals too much and end up buying items that end up selling for a lot less than the deal initially indicates.  


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