Amazon is helpful to their army of sellers. One way this is shown is through their Best Sellers Rank – a gauge of how comparatively well each item sells within its category. The #1 best seller is something that is very much in-demand, and thousands of units are being shipped each month. The product at #50,000 on that same list isn’t selling nearly as quickly, but it is still selling. Many retail and online arbitrage FBA sellers rely on the Best Seller Rank as a gauge of whether or not to buy an item. After all, who really wants a product listed #800,000 on the list?

Many buy within the top 1% of the Best Sellers Rank. Some will go to 3% or 5%, while others may even stretch higher.

Below is a list, category by category, of what numbers to look out for when sourcing for quick-turnaround Amazon-bound online and arbitrage pick-ups. Underneath, you can download a spreadsheet that includes the 3%, 5% and 10% values too. I haven't updated it for a while, but it gives you good ballpark figures to work from.

CategoryNumber of Products1%
Car & Motorbike11,516,477115,165
CDs & Vinyl4,473,43644,734
DIY & Tools9,907,62799,076
DVD & Blu-ray1,966,34219,663
Electronics & Photo61,228,686612,287
Garden & Outdoors2,346,91923,469
Health & Personal Care2,334,35523,344
Home & Kitchen57,667,625576,676
Industrial & Scientific4,310,14643,101
Large Appliances634,4536,345
Luxury Beauty6,67867
Musical Instrumentals & DJ581,0635,811
PC & Video Games586,9235,869
Pet Supplies1,098,08110,981
Shoes & Bags4,586,55945,886
Sports & Outdoors12,554,146125,541
Stationery & Office Supplies4,252,30542,523
Toys & Games7,642,69576,427

Download: Amazon UK Best Sellers Ranks by Category [December 2017]

Note: Amazon has changed the site so we're no longer able to see how many products are in each category. While this rank chart isn't completely accurate now, it will still give you a ballpark number to work from.