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(Last Updated On: October 24, 2018)

Selling the odd item on eBay is a popular pastime of many and can be an easy way to make a few extra pennies. You might have your annual clothes clear out and sell some high-quality second-hand gear online, or you might fancy a new laptop, so you auction off your old one to fund some of the purchase. Some people are keen to take their brief foray into the world of online auctions a little further and want to create an eBay empire buying and selling stock on the auction site. Becoming an eBay trader is tough, but people have achieved their dream of working from home, scouring eBay for bargains and relisting them in a more effective way leading to a lucrative money making business. If you fancy your chances as an eBay entrepreneur, check out these tips to make your venture a success.


You Shop

If you’re taking this seriously and you aim to make a full time living out of eBay, you need to morph from individual seller to shop. Check out other people’s stores and be inspired by the professional outfits you come across, their logos, photography and item descriptions, and try to emulate this with your shop.

Create a shop name. This needs to be something that encompasses your brand, image and the stock that you sell. If you sell baby clothes, go for a logo in pastel blue or muted pink and make your store name cute, short and memorable. If the millennial is more your target market, opt for a modern design in your logo aimed at the hipster or steampunk fan. Your logo is your brand so choose something memorable and a little unique.



Your stock needs to look as if it is taking pride of place in a physical store. The photography needs to be photo shoot quality, showing off the product from every angle. Use every single space of your photo allowance and ensure that your item descriptions are informative, engaging and list measurements and weights if necessary. Don’t leave anything out as it may look like you are trying to hide something. If the item has any sort of fault, be honest and tell your potential buyers.



As an eBay seller, you know the importance of listing your item in the appropriate category and ensuring that there are no silly spelling areas in your product title. Another way to drive traffic to your auction or ‘buy it now’ item is to maybe hire a consultant who can manage a leap into the world of Google Adwords. By utilising the most effective keywords, your auction could be listed as a sponsored link on Google, and you will only ever have to pay as and when people click on it. This could boost the bids on your auctions leading to greater sales prices.

Ebay is still the king of the online auction sites with relatively transparent fees and an intuitive interface for both buyers and sellers. By acting upon these tips, you can make your eBay adventure a success.



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