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(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

If you have decided that getting fit is your goal, or if you have decided to get back in the gym after injury or a break – then give yourself a bit of a pat on the back. You've chose the right path and the best path for your mind, body and soul. Fitness is hard work though – finding the time can be difficult, finding the space can be really tough as well; sometimes, finding the motivation can be even harder. It can be a really tough ask.

So, what do you need to start on your path to health and fitness? Ideally, you need to equip yourself with a winning attitude. Choosing to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle is hard. Do you know what is harder? Actually enjoying exercise. We can easily derail our fitness plan with our thoughts and feelings. Fitness is something we should do simply because we enjoy the benefits. We enjoy looking good and feeling good. We shouldn't think of fitness as something we have to do, or as something we should do – because that can make it seem like a chore. Would you rather perform a chore, or something that benefits your life? They are both the same thing, but have different ways of thinking.
If your attitude is in order, there isn't much that can actually stop you on your fitness journey. While attitude forms a large foundation of what you need to start getting fit – you do need a little bit more.

Now, you need equip for exercise. Clothing ensures we are comfortable during our workout regimes. Workout gear and equipment helps us actually work out and perform certain exercises. One is needed, the other is an aid – can you guess?

Clothing is the big need for exercise. If you aren't comfortable while exercising, you will get frustrated and you might do yourself some damage. If you are wearing restrictive clothing, the same applies. Clothing is an active part of a workout – special exercise clothing like bodybuilding sweatpants will remove sweat from lying on the body and will be built out of materials that can stretch, bend and compress so that the item of clothing does not restrict your exercise at all. Footwear is also needed as it helps protect our feet from the impact of the floor, while also giving us the grip we need.

We also need to refer back to our attitude. When we get fit, motivation isn’t enough – we need dedication. That means we need to fuel our body in the right way so that our body is prepared for, and can repair from, exercise. We need to eat the right type of food and ensure we eat good fats and proteins and avoid food that gives us nothing. Nothing foods make up a lot of what we eat, sometimes, so moving towards nutritional foods is a good start.

So, what do you need? You need motivation, dedication and the right equipment to get started with exercise – but if you have one area covered, the other two should not be far behind at all.


- Chiino

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