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(Last Updated On: December 2, 2017)


So many people say that they don’t have the time to fit anything new into their week. They’re got so much going on and even though they want to make more money, they can’t see how to feasibly pull it off.

Sorry, but it’s going to take a lifestyle change to get there. It’s the truth. Nothing’s going to change if you don’t. Don’t worry though; we can take things slowly. Let’s start with just an hour. In as little as an hour, you can do one of the following to get on the path to a new income stream. Following through is on you.


1. Update your CV

Whether it's on Word, on Canva or LinkedIn, let know about your experience, education and expertise. (If the three Es aren't a thing yet, I'm trademarking that once I finish this post).

Having a solid CV isn't just for a new job; it can be used as proof of concept for freelance opportunities too. Once you have it all summarised in a single document, it's easy to let everyone know what you're about and how you may be able to help them reach their KPIs.


2. Read a book

A good book can change your mind set in an instant. A few words can completely change the way you see things, and make you want to conduct yourself in a different manner.

We're constantly told we should read more, and I can admit that I just don't. However, the few books I have read about money, efficiency and entrepreneurship caused me to shift my thoughts and put me on the right path.

Get started on a book and see where it leads you. Remember that you need to follow up if it’s actually going to make a difference. “The Secret Money Manual” did it for me.


3. Map out an email course

Creating a comprehensive email course will take time, and you may even want to test it out before you unleash it to the wider public. However, an hour is plenty of time to draft the flow of one, and work out how you would want to prime people to purchase from you in the future.

There are so many ways you can go about conceptualising email courses. The “Email 1”, “Email 2” method may work for you, but it may be easier to describe a subscriber's journey of discovery and how you would create a funnel to get the right people to follow right the way through and eventually convert.


4. Start a blog

One day I'm going to time myself on how long it takes to create a blog. Along with their simple installations, Tsohost offers one of the cheapest, monthly hosting packages out there, so a beginner can have their own, self-hosted space to share what's on their mind in under an hour.

Whether you're going down the lifestyle route, or you're niching it up, the early phases are all the same. It can take time to earn solid money from blogs, but once you do, you'll wish you started yours even earlier.


5. Collate a portfolio of your work

Back to the CV thing, being able to present a well-packaged assortment of your work makes things so much easier for you to sell your abilities and earn new opportunities to make more money.

Behance is a great free platform for this, and is especially popular for graphic designers. The benefit of having it online is that anyone could stumble upon it (especially if you add copy around it) and it could lead you on the path to all sorts.


6. Buy a course

Have an idea about something you would like to know more about, but you have gaps in your knowledge? Find a course that guides you each step of the way through it. Udemy is one of the best platforms for online business-based courses. In total, I've enrolled on 15 courses on that platform alone (as well as some on edX, Coursera and others in the past).

I've said it before that you can learn absolutely anything on YouTube, but this is a more convenient option and possibly a better use of your time. Top the knowledge from this up from blog posts, videos and whatever else you find around the web, but courses with lots of positive reviews give you a strong foundation to work from.


7. Create a YouTube channel

By now, everyone knows how lucrative YouTube content can be. Once you create something of value, you can earn money through advertising or affiliate revenue, which can be generated passively for a long time to come.

Brainstorm what you want to share and make a channel for it. Think about branding, a series of videos you would like to make, and begin your journey.


8. Buy a domain

Once you own a desirable domain, it's so easy to brand it up and create something major from it. You could go down the ecommerce route, you could do the niche site affiliate marketing thing, or it could just be something that you sell on to someone on Flippa for profit.

When it's so cheap to own a domain for a year, I feel like everyone should at least get one that they invest in. (By the way, NameCheap is a great place to get .coms for low prices). Whether they develop it or not doesn't matter much, as the value actually increase in value just because it's been registered for a while.


9. Create a Facebook group

Facebook groups and engagement are synonymous with one another. Base yours around a niche topic, prompt people to keep talking, and you'll be the owner of your own online community.

Get things going by thinking about what direction it will take, what content you can post to keep it active, and how to attract people to get the ball rolling. Over time, you can sell products, promote affiliate offers and all kinds of other things.


10. Start Matched Betting

Surveys may be the simplest way to make money online, but if you'd prefer it make a few hundred pounds (rather than a couple of quid) in a month, matched betting is the way to go.

Profit Accumulator is my preferred way of finding sports arbitrage opportunities. It guides you to find betting combinations and promotions that, regardless of the outcome, will leave you with a profit. Risk-free, non-taxable cash. I still can't believe more people don't do it.


11. Set a budget

We're switching up the flex for the final one. As well as doing things that directly lead to income generation, this one could be the key to whether or not your plans have any longevity to them.

Budgeting and money management ensures that you have a strong understanding of what extra money you would like to make, and what extra money you need to make. That's differentiation may be the decider or how big these money making plans should be.


27 / Nottingham, UK. Trying these things since 2007. Writing about these things since 2014. Doing this full-time since 2018.