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(Last Updated On: February 5, 2019)


So you want to be a comper? For me, the only reason is to get involved is to get fun experiences and to source free stock to sell on. That being the case, I need to streamline my time spent doing it. One of the most time-sapping elements is actually finding where the competitions are.

Online there are just so many now. It must be hard to go a day without stumbling upon one as an ad or through social media, or through some other means. However, you need to know which ones are and aren’t worth your time, and how to filter down to the good ones fast.

Here are the online destinations I have bookmarked for good competitions:



A reliable go-to, Twitter is flooded with ‘follow and RT’ competitions. Enter Twitter with a shopping list of things you want, and use varied search terms to see if anything bites. Twitter is home to competitions that require the absolute least effort, so often attract more entrants than your average.



There are dozens of buzzing Facebook groups and pages dedicated to showing people where the great competitions are. All it requires is an active account and you’re able to navigate through to see what other people are entering, promoting and so on. These groups are often great for comping tips too.



Highly recommended places that you may already be familiar with are: Money Saving Expert, HotUKDeals and Latest Deals. The rest are dedicated comping ones that you’re going to come across as you get further into your comping journey. These often list active competitions, and make it easy for you to keep track of which ones you’ve already entered.



Competition hubs are absolutely worth signing up to. They often categorise the giveaways, so you can avoid all of the afternoon tea experiences and just go directly for the ones that involve cash. If you want a starting place for these, head over to: Loquax, The Prize Finder and UK Competitions.



By far the best for the hard-to-find competitions is Google. As well as the popular competitions, Google is great for being able to uncover the types of competitions that others would overlook. For instance, if you only use the forums and Twitter, you’re likely to completely miss some of these. I should probably do a dedicated post on some advanced searching techniques to help you track down the kinds of competitions that fewer people are likely to come across and enter.


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