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(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)


A few things tend to put off new online arbitrage sellers. One of them is the amount of expenses before you even start. If we're talking about the Amazon FBA method, you have the boxes, the tape, the printer, the labels, the Amazon Pro Merchant subscription, the stock and maybe some other bits and pieces.

As a newcomer, the last thing you want on top of that are any more costs that you haven't prepared for, especially if you can avoid them. I would recommend sourcing software, but if you must do things manually, there are ways to make it more efficient.

For those with limited funds to start with, these are the best places to start:


1. eBay

Make lots and lots of saved searches. It’s a lot of work at first, but it makes things much easier in the future. Just search for things you’re after – perhaps things you’ve sold in the past – filter down, add negative rules and get a list of new listings in your inbox as they come.


2. Keepa

Many know Keepa for its price tracking charts, but it does so much more. As a sourcing tools, you can get alerts when particular products drop to a certain price on Amazon. Great if they’re in scarce supply.


3. Retailer Newsletters

As discussed here, every retailer wants to keep in regular contact with its potential customers, and email is one of the best marketing channels for them. Signing up to various newsletters will allow you to find out about any promotions they may be running as they launch.


4. Promo Code Sites

Current sourcing software completely misses out on the availability of promo codes for purchases. A product that may not have great ROI at full price will be completely different with a 20% first time customer discount applied.


5. Idealo

The copying and pasting part of manual sourcing takes time. Checking prices on one site after another to see whether you're getting a deal becomes tedious after a while. Idealo is a price comparison site that does all of this for you.


6. Deal Sites

Deals hubs like HotUKDeals and Latest Deals highlight discounts, promotional codes and all of that other fun stuff. Communities of deal-finders hunt out the goods for you.


7. Copy Your Competition

Marketplace Pulse helps you to find online sellers just like yourself. Once you see what they’re selling, see if you can source the same items from the same suppliers. It means you can cut down on your research time.


So What's It Gonna Be?

Time and efficiency are against you with each of these methods, so it makes it difficult to scale your earnings up this manual way. Sourcing software like FBA Wizard Pro will cost you, but it speeds things up significantly.

That being said, even experienced sellers that use advanced paid-for tools should apply some of these platforms into their sourcing. They will help you to find deals from sites that you might not typically turn to.


- Chiino

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