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(Last Updated On: January 30, 2018)


What is SearchDome?

eBay is a massive site and things are constantly being added to it. The stream of new products never ends. In amongst all of that madness is bound to be something you want. It could be something rare, something cheap; or just something different you haven't seen elsewhere. Well a service like this makes sure they don't pass you by.

Search Dome is a website and app that automates eBay searches. They choose the marketplace of your choice (e.g. the UK, US, or whatever other site you want) and it will alert you when something matches the criteria of your search.

After using eBay's own service for years, I figured it was about time I found a purpose-built alternative that can help me to automate my online arbitrage sourcing. Search Dome is the exact solution.


What's Wrong with eBay's Saved Searches?

Search Dome goes a step further than eBay's existing Saved Search functionality allows. I would say it comes down to three key things:

  • Ability to search for criteria where there isn't currently anything that matches the criteria
  • Ability to set up more than 50 automated searches
  • Ability to get alerts as much as hourly for free

eBay's Saved Searches only go so far. For starters, the x50 limit on searches can get filled up very quickly if you're using it in the way I do. There just aren't enough slots to use it, so an alternative had to be found. The other thing is that the frequency of the alerts is too slow, making it easy to miss the good ones.

The final downside to eBay's original version is that if, for example, you were looking for a certain product that was under £10, but there weren't currently any on the site, you can't save a search for that. You can with this solution.

Search Dome very nearly replaces my need to use this eBay's Saved Searches. It delivers feeds of new products on the site at a time that suits me, cutting out 80% of what I don't want to see, and saves me so much time manually checking what's newly listed on the site.


What are the Downsides to Search Dome?

The only issues I have with Search Dome are things that don't quite work as they should. It mostly comes down to filtering. It seems to be completely random which searches are perfect and which ones are essentially broken. Negative searches and exact match seem to be fine, most filtering does too, but sometimes the price ranges are ignored. It means it will drag in products you know are too expensive for you to consider and there's seemingly little you can do to change it.

I suppose another thing that could be improved is the fact you can't exclude listings from showing in your results. For example, you may have a search for a brand new board game. Every day at 7am you get an alert for any listings that match the criteria. The only one that does may be unsealed, so no good for you. There's no easy way to cut these ones out.

I suppose it's a bit clunky, but the best automated tools for eBay seem to be this way. (See: Gixen). It may not be quite perfect, but it's meant I've never been out of the loop when a profitable product I've sold before has come back to the eBay marketplace.


What's the Best Way to Use Search Dome?

Whether you use eBay for a personal or business shopping destination, this will massively enhance it. I used to use Saved Searches to track down rare music releases. Now I'm hunting for profitable products to flip, I wouldn't be in the position I am without it.

It finds all sorts I would have otherwise missed. It's used in my online arbitrage business every day to find underpriced Buy It Nows, Best Offers and scout out auction sniping opportunities. As simple as it may seem, it makes such a difference to the way I work and completely automates my eBay replenishment sourcing.

You will get the most out of Search Dome is through experimentation. All of my searches have been refined with exact matches, negative matches and all kinds of filters. Each new search probably

All of the functionality that most people need from Search Dome is completely free. I haven't paid for any extras with it, and I don't expect I'll need to any time soon.


- Chiino

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