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(Last Updated On: October 24, 2018)


Is it time to repurpose your garage? Many of us use this space as nothing more than a dumping ground for storing clutter, but it could be used for so much more. Here are just 10 ways to repurpose your garage space.


Store your car in it

Many of us forget the original purpose to owning a garage – it’s the perfect place to store your car. Using a garage could protect your car from weather damage and make it more secure, lowering your insurance rates. You may not even need to make any modifications – it may be a simple case of moving out the clutter.


Set up your own workshop

A garage also makes a great space for a workshop. You can set up a workbench in the corner and move in some other machinery to meet your needs and interests. All you may need to do is add some electrics and lighting.


Transform it into a games room

A garage could also make a fun games room. It could give you space to put a snooker table and could even be a place for playing video games. If you’ve got children, it could even be a playzone just for them.


Create your own personal gym

If you’ve been thinking of buying your own home gym equipment, a garage could give you the space to put big items like a treadmill and exercise bike without cluttering the rest of the house. It could even be used for dance or boxing training.


Turn it into a home office

If you work from home, a garage could also make a great private place to work from. You can access it conveniently whilst getting away from the distractions of the rest of your home.


Set up your own bar

For entertaining guests, you could even turn your garage into a private bar. You could even buy your own beer taps and drink straight out of kegs.


Extend your living space

If your living room or kitchen is located next to your garage, knocking down the wall between them could allow you to extend this space giving you one large room. This could allow you to add extra sofas or a dining table or a breakfast bar.


Convert it into an extra bedroom

If you’ve got a growing family or have guests staying round often, a garage could make a great extra bedroom. It could prevent you having to upsize and it could add value to your home. It may even be large enough to add an en suite bathroom.


Rent it out to lodgers

A large enough garage could even be turned into a bedsit or apartment for a lodger to stay in. They’ll have their own space separate from your home and you’ll be able to make some money out of the rent your charging that could help to give you some extra disposable income.


Rent it out as storage space

You could even keep your garage as it is and simply let it out to other people to use as storage space. It could be a place for others to store their car, hobbyist equipment or inherited items just like a self-storage unit. You’ll even make some money out it.


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