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(Last Updated On: March 18, 2019)

What is Heads&Heads?

Heads&Heads is a UK matched betting offer-finding service. Their website acts as a hub to find bets that you will profit from, regardless of the outcome. The service relies on the sports arbitrage method of finding free offers and promotions that cancel out the ability to lose money on your stakes. To confirm: this is risk-free betting. It's not gambling.

Scratching your head? I've got an intro to matched betting which should make things much clearer.

What's in it for You?

Matched betting is an opportunity to make a lot of money on the side. To do it effectively and drastically reduce the chances you will lose money with any bet, Heads&Heads is the solution you need. When I say that you can earn a lot of money, I wouldn't say this will replace your monthly salary, but everyone I know that does it makes between £400 and £1,500 every month.

There aren't many instances where you can make hundreds of pounds tax free every month, so I would take advantage of it if I were you. The amount can fluctuate based on how many deals are out there, and how frequently you log in, but the only reason you wouldn’t make money is if you don’t follow through with the bets.

What's in it for Them?

You thought you could just take all of this cash for free? Heads&Heads operates as a subscription service. You pay for access to their information. Without a service like this, you’re going to struggle to find profitable arbitrage opportunities.

They give you the opportunity to sign up for a free trial and earn up to £40, but you’ll benefit from going all-in and opting for one of their premium paid plans, which can literally get you to four figures of tax-free profit within four weeks.

How Does Heads & Heads Compare to Other Services?

When I said I do matches betting, I actually leave it to Hollie. I introduced her to this opportunity, advised on the migration to H&H, but she's the one doing it. The reason why Hollie does it and I don’t is because it’s risky to have more than one account with a bookmaker at a single address and take part in matched betting. There’s lots of learn about it, but that’s one of the fundamentals, and why she’s the one moving the money around and making the bets.

Once the annual Profit Accumulator subscription ended last year, it was time to see what other alternatives are out there. I settled on Heads&Heads because of the simplicity of the service and the depth of information shown for each offer. The sheer wealth of matched betting information supplied on their website alone was enough to convince me that they were worth sticking with.

Heads&Heads Matched Betting Offers - Probably Busy

Note: I have never tried anything other than these two, so wouldn't be able to offer an opinion beyond them.

Matched betting is a scary concept before you get started, so you will probably need to do a lot of learning before you place your first bets. Heads&Heads is packed full of learning resources to get you up to speed on how everything is done. They split the training up and cater it to beginners, have some things for novice practitioners, and even have insights for the experts.

On the offers themselves, walking you through step-by-step in video format, with written transcriptions. They make sure they have content to match all learning styles and get you off to the best start. Heads&Heads do everything they can to ensure you know exactly what you do to make profitable bets every single time.

The Heads&Heads user interface is clean, allowing you to focus on the task at hand: boosting your bank balance. The user dashboard lets you track how much profit you've made since you sign up within the site, something you would otherwise have to do manually with Profit Accumulator.

When you pit it directly against Profit Accumulator, the offers are essentially the same. It’s going to be the same everywhere, so I wouldn’t advise on having accounts with more than one service. I would say that the added value you get with Heads&Heads is in the support. It’s at literally every turn you make, and certainly acts as reassurance to those who are new, or might be getting back into it after a break.

Heads&Heads Matched Betting Forum - Probably Busy

One of the big draws for Heads&Heads is its relatively small forum. It gives you the chance to ask questions to experts, including James, the very person that made the site. Who wouldn't want personalised, 1-on-1 help from people that have made thousands from matched betting? If you have any concerns about offers, the service or matched betting in general, they will address it swiftly. Heads&Heads are known to update offers based on user feedback, making sure every bet runs smoothly and profitable.

I went to a conference last year and discovered that on the Ladbrokes website, the most popular sports to bet on are: football (obvs), horse racing (again, we know) and then greyhound racing! Maybe it’s a given to you, but I was surprised. Well the Oddsmatching service on Heads&Heads means you can take advantage of offers in which ever sport you fancy. Input the odds, set your stake and it works out how much you need to put in to ensure each game/race leaves you with profit.

Hollie also informed me that Profit Accumulator goes a bit OTT with the retention email marketing after you sign up. You know where you stand with Heads&Heads; they're showing you the deals, you log in when you're in the mood to make money, and they'll email when it's important.

How Much Does Heads&Heads Cost?

The Heads&Heads price depends on the plan you go for. Obviously the free one sounds great. If you're brand new for matched betting, it's a good place to start, but you only have access to two offers. The upgraded, unrestricted, premium accounts can be paid monthly or yearly. There are savings to be made if you go all-in from the start, but it's probably wise to ease yourself in with the monthly option.

I break everything down below:

Free Trial
To show you the potential
Earn up to £40
x2 bookmaker offers
Training resources
No payment details required
Full Heads&Heads support
Limited forum access
Daily offer updates
Oddsmatching software
Sign up now
Premium Yearly
Best value for money
Earn up to £1,500 per month
100+ bookmaker offers
Training resources access
Full Heads&Heads support
Full forum access
Daily offer updates
Oddsmatching software
No minimum contract
Sign up now

Update: Use LOVE1 to use Heads&Heads for £1 for 60 days

Want to Give It a Try?

Heads&Heads is a platform that gets absolute matched betting newcomers earning money from the very first day they sign up. It sounds ridiculous, but that’s the reality of this game. As I say, the platform coaches you through every single bet, so don't worry if you haven't got your head around everything yet.

I've got a friend that messages me every 2-3 months saying “I need a get rich quick scheme”. She drops it like clockwork. Every single time I tell her to start matched betting, and finally she gave in and set up an account. She made £430 in her first month, and isn’t going to stop there.
Sign up for a free trial to earn £40 and see how it suits you, or go straight in with a premium, unrestricted account today.=


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