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(Last Updated On: March 18, 2019)

How Matched Betting Came into My Life

When I were a yout, I thought I was soooo clever. I had watched wrestling for so long that I could predict nearly every storyline, match ending and (most importantly) who would win. I mean, it’s staged. There are plenty of ‘insider’ websites that give you details about storyline spoilers and all sorts. The filler matches are hard to guess (and care about), but the champions are easy to guess. (Why the hell was I even watching?) Once it became a thing, I actually started gambling on WWE pay-per-view results.

I wasn’t expecting crazy profits, but I was expecting profits.

Battleground, 4/4 correctly predicted. £5.61 profit. SummerSlam, 3/4 right. £12.43 back. Night of Champions, I put all the money on one match, but lost it because of a disqualification finish.

I lost £48.04 because of stupid wrestling. Cancelled my WWE Network subscription as punishment to myself.

(NB: As clever as you may think you are with wrestling knowledge, the stipulations will trip you up. Dodgy finishes will ruin all of your fun).

Then I heard about matched betting.

Matched betting is like betting on something you can be absolutely certain on. (What I thought I was doing with wrestling betting). You can go hard with your stakes, confident that you will definitely get some profit. With matched betting, you can’t lose.

You place bets, but you can’t lose.

Let me repeat that: you bet actual money but you cannot lose a penny. In fact, you will make a profit every single time.

How Does It Work?

You have two bets. One could go on one of many bookmakers’ sites, and then the other goes on BetFair. The BetFair one is what’s known as a lay bet. Lay bets match the outcome of the first bet with the opposing result. The first one is usually a free bet, using one of many offers that bookmakers have for punters.

You know about those initial sign-up bonuses you get, because they get advertised all the time, but there are plenty more once you’re actively using these services. Also – even if it was just the ‘free’ cash for the initial sign-ups, there are absolutely loads of online bookmakers these days, so don’t assume the opportunities will dry up.

Most start with sports arbitrage – matched betting on the outcomes of sporting events – but once you’ve spent time building a reputation on some of these sites, and have put hundreds of pounds through their system, they’ll soon offer you the chance to play casino offers and other things for free. You will understand once you give it a go.

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?

The reason many aren’t doing it is because it’s just not that well publicised. A lot of people see that it’s related to betting, and want nothing to do with it. The other half are stingey.

Based on the months search volume of the most popular matched betting service, tens of thousands of people are actively participating in this stuff. They probably don’t want to share it because they think that bookies will get wiser to it and put an end to it.

Last year I met someone that’s been matched betting – specifically through sports arbitrage – since 2002. He thought it would never last, yet has relied on it to make him at least £3,000 a month. While he may use more technical, advanced techniques to make this amount of money, the average person would look to make between £400 and £1,500 from this every month.

I try to tell as many people as I can about it, and this blog post is probably my best chance to reach further out to make people aware that it’s a very real money-making opportunity, and it’s one of the rare ones that doesn’t come with any risks.

How Do You Get Started?

You will eventually be playing with big money. The more you bet, the more you can win. I don’t want to (and can’t) advise anyone on how work the day-to-day offers. Before you kick your journey off, I recommend heading over to my matched betting service of choice, Heads&Heads, and reading through the plethora of training resources first. It’s absolutely packed out with things for you to read to get you up to speed on matched betting and everything it entails.

Don’t jump in too quickly. You really do need to pace yourself, take your time, and follow instructions carefully to make sure your bets are watertight and will result in profit. Read as much as you can, and watch as many videos as possible to get yourself up to speed, and then sign up for a matched betting offer generator like Heads&Heads.

Surely It’s Too Good to be True

Matched betting is hard work. This isn’t a game. I’ll say it again: spend a while reading training documents, watching tutorials, and checking out what the community have to say about it. Once you’re confident that you get what it’s about, the process, and so on, climb aboard.

Don’t get carried away. If you’ve overcome a gambling addiction, please stay away. If you’re ever tempted to gamble with real money, step back. It’s too risky, as you could end up slipping into a painful cycle.

From that perspective, it’s not ideal, but in terms of the earning potential, it’s very real.

What’s My Experience with Matched Betting?

Guess what? I’ve never done matched betting before. Please stick with me though. The only reason is because it’s far safer to only bet from one IP and address, so Hollie has taken on this responsibility since 2015. From a £200 initial investment, we made £600 profit in month one. To get that money, three-four hours of every evening was dedicated to it.

If you want to do this properly, be prepared to dedicate a lot of time and concentration towards it. Coupling this with a stressful job might not be the best idea. However, it’s one of the very rare opportunities to make a lot of money without any specialist skills. You might just have to figure how to make it work for you.

Matched betting is marketed as tax-free, risk-free betting and it is exactly that. The only way you’re likely to mess up is if you don’t pay attention. Hollie tells me she’s made one mistake in her first month, and it was under £5. Considering since made over £600 that month, it’s not that bad going.

Get Started Matched Betting Today

I mentioned it earlier: Heads&Heads offers the most comprehensive learning resources to get up to speed with all that matched betting has to offer. They also provide a free trial from which you will be able to earn £40. Thereon, it’s just £14.99 per month to have access to over 100 offers, and build your funds up.


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