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(Last Updated On: February 5, 2019)

Lazy People Can Earn Extra Money Too

There’s hope for everyone. I truly believe that everyone has what it takes to make money online. The internet is full of opportunities all around, and it means that even if you haven’t got that get-up-and-go attitude when you wake up, you probably can still make a little something on the side.

I’ll stress this first and foremost: I believe that you’re going to struggle to make significant amounts of money if you’re lazy. However, so long as you get over the first hurdle of getting started, there’s no reason why you can’t create a trickle of income too.

What are You Already Good At?

You’re always going to be more persistent with something that you already have a little experience with. Start with the things you’re into and think about whether or not you would like to get more involved in it. We’re talking about both industries and the skills that you have.

An example of an industry might be food. You may be quite knowledgeable about restaurants in your local area. You’ve just found your foundation, and now you need to figure out your angle. An angle would be your skills, like if you’re a good talker. You could do quick video reviews of your favourite restaurants on Instagram. One decent video can get you free meals at other restaurants, eventually they’ll start paying your travel expenses to get there, and then even pay for you to go and eat there.

That’s just a simple example of something you can do quite easily with very little effort and it can spiral into something much bigger.

So What are the Options?

Below I’ll go through all of the most logical options for someone that considers themselves to be lazy. Again, you’re going to be a lot better at this if you actually put the work in, but there is money to be made for those that portray a lazy image to the world (and really are). Sell the personality.


Stream your day. Stream yourself playing games. Stream yourself sleeping. There’s a willing audience for nearly everything. If you’re doing something and you don’t mind if the world wants to watch too, you may as well give them the chance. Sponsorships and all kinds of other lucrative things can follow on from this.


Whether written on a site or a through video on a social media account, when a personality builds a reputation for reviewing products and services, it can turn profitably quickly. Focus on short, to-the-point content. You’re going to have to do something different to stand out, but you make this a thing with a couple of minutes’ work every few days. 

Social Media Content Curation

Instagram curation accounts build up communities naturally. It’s a case of pulling together content that you think your audience would be into and keeping their interest. Once the following builds up to a significant level, you can monetise with promotion on Stories and grid posts.

Affiliate Marketing

I could go on for days about affiliate marketing and how good it is for people wanting their first taste of cash from the internet. Someone that spends their days on Facebook and knows how to get a reaction out of people may stand a chance at affiliate marketing – promoting products and services in and amongst their updates.  


There is so much room for a complete novice to enter the domaining world and make a quick few hundred pounds. Again, you may have trouble being bothered to learn the process, but all it takes is a couple of good ideas to make decent cash.


27 / Nottingham, UK. Trying these things since 2007. Writing about these things since 2014. Doing this full-time since 2018.