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(Last Updated On: April 21, 2019)

Matched betting is probably the best way to make money online in the UK right now. The reasons are simple: the earning potential is massive, it doesn’t require any special skills, you can start today and make profit. It sounds too good to be true, but thousands of people in the UK take part in it.

If all of that is true, why isn’t everyone matched betting? As I’ve had to try to convince so many people try it, I know exactly why so many people are apprehensive about this money-making method.

Here are the biggest questions answered:

What is Matched Betting?

The first question is always about what matched betting is. There’s an awareness issue. The main reason people don’t get into matched betting is because they’ve never heard of it, and if they have, the ‘betting’ part made them immediately switch off. I won’t explain matched betting again here, because I’ve got a thorough introduction over here.

Is Matched Betting Gambling?

Another reason people don’t get into matched betting is because they believe that it’s gambling. Guys, it’s just not. We may have to use gambling sites to get this money, but this arbitrage method doesn’t involve actual gambling. There’s no way to lose money, as long as you follow the instructions.

How Complicated is It?

As this clearly isn’t the most conventional way to make money, there’s always going to be some concern that matched betting is going to involve some very complex processes. While this is true in that it’s very technical, matched betting services like Heads&Heads do all of the thinking for you. Their Oddmatcher shows you exactly what steps you need take make, what stakes to put in, and how to profit.

How Much Time Does It Take?

For the people that are starting to consider it and see the benefits, the next question is about how much time they would need to commit to it. It’s understandable. A lot of the people I talk to about money making opportunities are time poor, and they don’t really want another time drainer in their life. Quite frankly, the more time you put in, the better. To make any reason money at it (hundreds per month), you’re going to need to put in at least an hour a day.

Do You Have to Pay Tax?

As matched betting is going to result in a lot more money going through your bank account, there’s bound to be questions about what impact it’s going to have on your taxable income. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to pay a thing in tax, ever. Any income you make from a gambling website is assumed to be the fruits of a lucky day of gambling. It’s one of the few times you really don’t have to worry about what the taxman’s going to say.

How Easy is it to Lose Money?

The more cash you accumulate from matched betting, the more you can use to make even more money. As the stakes rise, I can understand why many would get more anxious about trying out more deals. What you have to remember is that it’s not actually gambling and you’re always going to come out of it as a winner as long as you follow the instructions. Keep your head in the game, do as you’re told and you’ll do well.

So Do You Think Matched Betting is for You?

If you think matched betting suits you, my favourite service to find these opportunities is Heads&Heads. I’ve written about it before and I can’t praise it enough for being such a slick, intuitive and beginner-friendly way to ease yourself into matched betting.


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