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(Last Updated On: December 5, 2018)

What is Tribe?

Tribe is a social media monetisation app, for social influencers. It allows content makers on the platform to be able to earn from their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles by posting self-made content with a little input from advertisers.

To make money with Tribe, you actually have to interact with the brand you're promoting. You can't just post an image from an advertisers website and tell your followers to buy. If it's a restaurant, they want to see you in there. If it's a product, you need to show you bought it. If the brand likes what you want to post and your price, they'll approve it to go live on your Instagram.

I have a list of 50 such influencer platform websites and apps that have come around in the past five years and barely any of them have got anywhere. There are some exclusively for the high end influencers that basically have celebrity status, there are the ones that spammers use because the influencers are cheap, and the middle ground ones tend to have a 18-month lifespan. Let's hope Tribe is one of the ones that stick around.



What's in it for You?

Have I ever asked this question and not said “Money” straight after? Yes, you can earn cash by using Tribe. They deposit your earnings straight to your PayPal 24 hours after the post is approved by the brand. Slick.

Bloggers can put hours into their Instagram accounts each week to ensure that they keep their current followers happy and to get new ones to see their posts. It's only right that they have an easy-to-use solution to make it (more) profitable for them.

What's in it for Them?

Providing the ideal platform to connect willing brands and influencers comes at a cost. The brands are the ones investing in the future of this app, making sure they have a reliable place to break off part of their marketing budget for. Whether they pay per campaign, post or what isn't information I have, but it's well-deserved for the quality of the platform and its ease of use for all parties.

Tribe Campaigns - Probably Busy


What's My Experience with Tribe?

As you may have noticed, I'm not in the Instagram game too tough. Not to worry, because my fiancée is. As a blogger, she's managed to accumulate over 17,000 followers, a strong 14,000 more than you need to start earning with Tribe.

There are absolutely loads of influencer marketing platforms that claim they can bridge the gap between brands and bloggers. Most of them just haven't got the connections to bring enough well-paying brands to the table, so they fizzle out. Tribe is a different story. One glance around and you'll come a number of big name brands; the type any influencer would jump at the opportunity to work with, even if it's just to add to the About page of their website.

I heard one of the founders speak at a conference in autumn. He mentioned that each post earns the influencer £110 on average. Big money is out there if you make content that the brands want to see. They won't approve everything, regardless of the fact that you probably had to pay money to post it.

Hollie's shown that at a micro-influencer level, it's still easy to accumulate a lot of cash with very little work. 2 posts. £200. If she spent more time on the app, she could probably make a lot more. Ultimately, all she's doing is to push products that she already has an affinity for. No, she may not have ordinarily posted about them on Instagram, but she likes them enough to feel no way about nestling them in among the rest of her content.

Before you rush to buy a load of Instagram followers so you can meet the Tribe minimum criteria point, note that they've been in this game too long to get fooled by any of that trickery. If your Social Blade graphs are looking janky, it's probably best you leave this alone. This platform is for legit influencers that want to monetise the content they create.

Tribe Profile Page - Pretty Big Butterflies - Probably Busy




One of the best social media monetisation platforms around for brand partnerships and money making potential. Intuitive to use. Only for use once you've built up a significant following. It's not the only one out there, but it's the most reliable of all the apps that pay you to post on Instagram that I know of.



Minimum redemption: Whatever you’ve earned

Time required: As long as it takes to do your usual Instagram posts

Effort required: As above

Earning potential: Hundreds per month for popular Instagrammers

Website: Tribe


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