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(Last Updated On: June 7, 2018)


I may have mentioned it before, but the Money Saving Expert forum is where I first discovered sensible ways to make money online. Within a week I was a member of a dozen paid survey sites, and a couple of review sites, and I found myself down that silly get-paid-to-click hole. I was just about to turn 16 at the time, and this discovery changed my world. Money Saving Expert is a very obvious place to begin that journey, but in the years, I’ve found lots of unexpected places where these opportunities lurk.

Whether it’s to find custom, to get introduced to a new business model, or get inspiration, here are a handful of alternative places to find money making opportunities:



Remember chatrooms? I got the internet slightly too late to even engage in them the first time around, but when I was struggling to find customers for one of my ecommerce site ideas, a chatroom was where it managed to flourish. It’s rather spammy, but an anonymous profile dropping a link in a particular chatroom every few days managed to bring me a steady stream of sales to one of my sites.



I was introduced to so many internet subcultures through Tumblr. The way the platform was laid out (at least when I was using it most (2009-2014) made it unwelcoming for outsiders, making it better for young creatives to make content that could only ever find a home on there. It’s an eye-opening site – at least the parts that I found were – and somehow became my go-to for brand tone of voice research.



Reddit is literally made to give everyone on the internet a home. While it’s all under one umbrella, its users find themselves in distinct, seemingly private communities. It’s what separates it from the likes of Twitter and Instagram, where you’re far more conscious that there’s an outside world that could be silently lurking around. Reddit is ideal for market research and can open you up to so many business opportunities, if you know where to look.



Instagram was filled with money laundering scams at one point, and has since been replaced with non-ASA-compliant affiliate marketing. While their practices aren’t above board, the way some are able to pull in leads from their posts and comments is so skilful. These practitioners are leaving the blueprint out in the open for everyone to apply to their favourite affiliate programme. It’s up to you to apply the lessons and execute.


Notice a Pattern?

What I’m trying to say through all of this that social platforms are absolutely flooded with inspiration on how to make more money. While some people will tell you that you’re wasting money by scrolling through these websites, they can form the foundation of actual businesses. For most of mine, although social media is great for marketing, it’s also been fundamental in the inception and execution of them.

Please note, if you want to find legitimate money making opportunities, you’re going to be a lot safer if you find reviews of them, read a forum where a large number of people have weighed in on it, or if you ask me first.


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