eBay Seller Essentials - Probably Busy

I’ve sold on eBay for a very long time. I took things serious from early 2013, selling new and second-hand books, toys, kitchen appliances, furniture, and all kinds of other products. I know all the bits and pieces that speed up the listing process and help to run an efficient operation, whether you’re selling casually or for a serious income.

eBay Packaging Materials

eBay sellers are nothing without plentiful packaging supplies. As an Amazon FBA online arbitrage seller, I’m able to reuse a lot of the packaging from my buys. However, there are always extras I need in my life.

Jiffy bags: free (from OA purchases)

Boxes: free (from OA purchases, Freecycle, in-store at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Aldi or Lidl)

Bubblewrap: free (from OA purchases, Freecycle)

Brown tapex6 Prima tape

Laserjet printerBrother mono

Printer cartridgesThe ones that go with the above

Sticker remover151 Remover Kit

Small scales: small Salter kitchen scales

Large scaleslarge Salter bathroom scales

Poly mailers: x50 12×16” postage bags

eBay Listing Tools

eBay is all about photos and keywords. Nail both of those and those sales will roll in. Lighting was the main obstacle holding me back, so I ended up copping an all-purpose light box. As for my titles, there’s one website that always comes in handy.

Light box: Large light box

Title Builder: Free eBay title keyword suggestions: site

eBay Postage Solutions

I use just two different delivery services for eBay, and I find them to be reliable for the kinds of things that I post.

Small and cheap shipments: Royal Mail

Tracked and large shipments: myHermes


I buy my eBay stock from a variety of places. A lot of it comes to me through thrifting at car boots and charity shops. Aside from those, I also find a lot of things online, particularly on eBay itself. Make sure you use Top Cashback if you do the same.

Gixen; free eBay sniper: review / site

Search Dome; free automated eBay search: site

eBay Dropshipping Essentials

eBay dropshipping is the practice of selling products you don’t own or hold in your own inventory. Once your listing sells, you buy it from a supplier (like Argos or Amazon) and have it shipped to the customer. It’s a grey area but can provide you with 100% free extra cash. Want to get involved? You’ll probably need these tools and a VA or two.

Watch Count; free eBay watch count aggregator: site

SKU Grid; price monitor and repricer: $14.99/month – site

OnlineJobs.ph; Philippine freelancer marketplace: sign up

People Per Hour; UK-based freelancer marketplace: sign up with £30 to spend