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(Last Updated On: December 10, 2017)

eBay is Massive

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but eBay is an absolutely huge marketplace. I’m talking from the perspective of someone that just buys and sells on the UK site. It’s so vast and it’s been made even greater by streamlining the ability to sell to international buyers. There are professional sellers, amateur ones, and some extra occasional ones. All of these people are steadily adding to the shelves, potentially making it harder for people to find what they want.

eBay is an ocean of stuff, with people at all kinds of levels continually adding to it. It means that things are listed in a uniform manner, so those shopping there may have to get creative to find the goods they’re looking for. Before we get any deeper, let’s explain the main element and topic of discussion here: keywords.

The more listings, the more combinations of keywords turn up. This isn’t a problem when you’re listing rare products, of which there may be very few on the site, but it is when there are loads of similar things on the ssite.


What are Keywords?

Of course photos and descriptions are important, but they're no good at all if no one actually finds them. Keywords are words and phrases (strings of words) that people use to search for things online. Search engines are meant to then take those keywords (the search query) and return the best representation of what that person is probably looking for.

eBay’s Best Match takes into account your search query, compares it to what it has on its database, and shows you the results that best fit with that search. The products that best fit the keyword used probably have:

  • That exact phrase in the title, or;
  • That exact phrase in the description

This being the case, it’s important to have keywords that people desire in your listing, as it increases the likelihood of someone being able to get to your listing.

eBay gives you an 80-character limit in the headline to cramp in as many keywords as possible, so make sure you do. You don’t know how people may end up getting to you, so increase your chances by including as many relevant ones as you can.


How Do You Know What People are Searching for?

There are so many ways to determine how people are most likely to describe something when they’re searching for it. Assuming you have a product that is often referred to as different things – like smoothie maker vs blender – you want to know which one to optimise for. Obviously, you can use both words, but you have to lead your title with the one that holds the most weight.

Disclaimer: you could spend a good 20 minutes checking all sorts of criteria to find the best. These are a few different ways, but it’s best to find a couple and do them efficiently, rather than doing them all.

Using the smoothie vs blender example, here’s how it can be done:


Completed Listings

  • Navigate through recently completely products and see if more are selling by one description vs the other
  • Filter by sold listings to see if there’s a difference in sale price

eBay Completed Listings - Smoothie Maker - Probably Busy


  • Input a broad keyword and see which other keywords come up
  • Select the most suitable category
  • Keep going until you fill out your listing

 eBay Title Builder - Smoothie Maker- Probably Busy

Google Trends

  • Input your top two keyword choices and compare which is most popular
  • Filter for UK searches
  • Assess if there’s a particular time of year when they’re more popularBlender Google Trends - Probably Busy


Keywords Everywhere

  • Download the Chrome extension
  • Input your keywords on Google and see which has the highest search volume

Blender Keywords Everywhere - Probably Busy


Now It’s Your Turn

Run wild with it and see what happens. Listing using someone else’s title may seem like a good idea, but it just means that you’re competing directly with them. The whole reason why eBay dropshipping works is because people are able to list with keywords that evade competition. If you’re able to use a keyword that someone listing the same thing hasn’t, you may be able to sell for a higher price for the same exact product.

Get your skills up. Once you get into the swing of creative listing titles, you’ll be levels above the competition, and you won’t need to do all of these things.




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