Mobile Apps to Make Money - Probably Busy

Online money making has come a long way from when I started. Back in the day, myself and the many unskilled people that found themselves in this world were restricted to a selection of low-paying opportunities from a handful of companies. As time went on and I got more skilled up, more things opened up for those with just fundamental computer skills to earn a little extra. Now we all have the chance to go this from our phones.

Below I’ll go through my favourite UK mobile apps to make money. While I haven’t used all of them (as some of them don’t suit me) all of them are ones that have been used and loved in my household (as my partner’s in this game too).



Most people probably enter their online money making journeys through surveys, so it’s only right that I kick off with the best apps of that strain on the market today.

iPoll: Money for answering questions on your phone. iPhone. Android.

Curious Cat: Answer a few questions for money. iPhone. Android.

Vypr: Cash for opinions. Straightforward. iPhone. Android.

Qmee: Nothing like the online app; just a paid survey app. iPhone. Android.

CitizenMe: Data privacy-conscious short survey app. iPhone. Android.

Swagbucks: Yet another of many, much like their desktop site. Info. iPhone. Android.

Outdoor Tasks

Should you want to, you can spend your weekends travelling around your nearest city completing a range of tasks. Mystery shopping and market research on the go, taking you to pubs, restaurants and supermarkets, and rewarding you for your time and effort.

Field Agent: Scour the local area for jobs and pick up cash for all kinds of market research and mystery shopping tasks. iPhone. Android.

Roamler: For the roamers out there that don’t mind travelling to carry out all kinds of market research activities. iPhone. Android.

Spare5: Got a spare five minutes? Want to make that time pay. You’ve found just the app for you. iPhone.

Streetspotr: Find quick cash tasks in your local area. iPhone. Android.

Task 360: Get on the high street and make money by snapping stock levels and all sorts. iPhone.

Streetbees: Mainly a survey site, but also gets you out for additional tasks. iPhone. Android.

BeeMyEye: Pretend you’re a spy. And you get rewarded straight after your market research mission is complete. Android.

Job Spotter: Track down job listings offline, share them online, and get rewards. iPhone. Android.


Indoor Tasks

I don’t quite know how to classify these ones, but they’re asking a little more than the surveys and not asking you to leave your home like the outdoor tasks, but they pay for your actions.

FeaturePoints: Get paid to download apps. Delete straight after. You’re in. Info. iPhone. Android. Extra points code: 78TBTM

App Greedy: Test services, conduct trials, answer questions. All sorts. iPhone. Android.

Yasoo Rewards: Download apps, fill out surveys and more for gift cards and codes. iPhone. Android.

VoxPopMe: Essentially a survey app, but they want video responses instead. iPhone. Android.


Data Collection

Now we’re creeping into creepy territory. There are some apps that want pretty intimate knowledge of your mobile usage habits, and ensure that they break you off some cash (or gift cards) in return for your generosity.

MobileXpression: Set it up on your phone, sit back and earn points by the week. Sign up online.



Some great ones have come and gone over the years, but these are the go-to apps that give you something for getting your muscles to work. If it’s an incentive to get you out and about, you need them in your life.

Sweatcoin: Get paid to walk. Serious. Info. iPhone. Android.

Aircoins: Earn cryptocurrency by collecting coins in Pokémon Go style. iPhone. Android.



Market research agencies up and down the country are desperate to find out what everyday people are buying on their weekly shops. This is your chance to let them know, and (sort of) get what you deserve for it.

Receipt Hog: Earn rewards for uploading shopping receipts. Info. iPhone. Android.

Shoppix: As above, accrue earnings for sharing your recent receipts. iPhone. Android.


Trade In

My blog began with some weighty posts about this very topic, so you better know that all of these apps have been on my phone from the point they created them. These are all scanner apps that simplify the process to find out whether you can trade your media (CDs, DVDs, games and books) for cash.

Ziffit: Trade in your books, DVDs, CDs and games for money. iPhone. Android.

Music Magpie: Trade in most of the above (CDs, DVDs and games) plus some electronics.  iPhone. Android.

Zapper: Trade in your CDs, books, games, mobiles, LEGO, and gift cards. iPhone. Android.

We Buy Books: They buy books. And games. And CDs. And DVDs. iPhone. Android.

CeX: Trade in your old media (CDs, DVDs and games) and electronics. iPhone. Android.

Momox: Another books, CDs, DVDs, games trade-in app. iPhone. Android.


Social Media

Do you have influence on any scale? Provided that you’ve built up a solid following on Instagram, there are a few apps out there

Tribe: Get paid to publish sponsored posts. Info. iPhone. Android.

Takumi: Get paid to take part in influencer collaborations. iPhone. Android.