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(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)


Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. Collectors will go to crazy lengths (and spend crazy amounts of money) to get their hands on hard-to-find products. The more niche an interest is, the harder it is to find those items, and the higher the value goes up. I learned it the hard way when I slipped into collecting CDs, and now see it replicated with all sorts of things as a reseller.

Flipping products, especially from charity shops and car boots, gives you so much insight into cultures you would never have otherwise known about.

Limited run merchandise is always a winner. Whenever small batches of an item are made based a sought-after subject, there will always be someone willing to pay to own it. New, used, whatever. If they haven't got it and they know about it, it's a problem.

Caps fall right into this category. Aside from regular New Era MBL and NFL-licensed ball caps, there's an endless supply of caps that you can buy for a couple of pounds and sell for £10-£30 just because of whatever logo happens to be printed onto it.

Besides the streetwear and (genuine) designer ones that you're highly unlikely to ever come across in the wild – like Gucci, Armani, Palace, Supreme, Canada Goose, Bathing Ape, Moncler, Ralph Lauren, DSQUARED – these are the ones you need to keep your eyes out for.

(Conservative eBay prices as of summer 2017, based on used, sold listings).


Rolex. £30.

I would advise that before you dispatch an order of a Rolex cap, you ask the buyer for proof that they own a Rolex watch first. It's just a bit embarrassing to be seen in one without the other.

Rolex Baseball Cap eBay Sold Listings - Probably Busy


Nike TN. £50.

This is going to be a short-lived one, based on the era when TN originally exploded in popularity. Flip them while you can.


WWF. £20.

Vintage TV is always a winner, but vintage wrestling gear is especially desirable. Even I want in, and I don't do used clothes.

WWF Baseball Cap eBay Sold Listings - Probably Busy


Lacoste. £20.

The 5 panel variety are particularly sought after, and will earn you a decent return if you find it for cheap.



Stone Island. £40.

One of the only obvious big brands that does turn up at car boots. If you see a cap of theirs for cheap, make sure you make it yours.


Brietling. £20.

Just in case people don't clock what's on your wrist, this is hear to help shout about it for you. If you catch one of these on road, snap it up and list is straight away.

Breitling Baseball Cap eBay Sold Listings - Probably Busy


Fred Perry. £20.

Reliable and can be found in abundance, so ones to keep your eye out for. As they're more common than a lot of the rest, stay on the lookout for the ones in pretty good condition.


TAG Heuer. £20.

Back at it again with the watch makers. Are these being given our for free with the watches or something? I suppose if you're spending four figures and up for a wrist piece, the least they can do is throw in a little accessory.


Aquascutum. £40.

Yes, I did a double-take on the name too. They look like a consistent seller, so pull the trigger whenever you catch one on road.

Aquascotum Baseball Cap eBay Sold Listings - Probably Busy



This is just a taster. Trends change all the time, and you need to keep on top of them to see whether or not you can continue to make money off all of these products in the future. However, you can bet that a handful of those are 100% future proof and always ones to keep your eye out for.


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