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(Last Updated On: February 6, 2019)

It’s exactly a year since I came up with the idea for my first private label product. To celebrate, I’m throwing away loads of different private label product ideas. I know I’m not going to get around to doing many of them, so I may as well throw a load of the excess into the universe. They’re not all good. They’re not all in-demand. (I haven’t even run Jungle Scout on all of them). But they’re all things I’ve jotted down over the past couple of years, and someone may see a special something in.

Bear in mind that I had a 11-month-old, and just found out I had another coming around this time, so they’re heavily weighted around kids, but there’s still lots of variety in here. Some are vague. Some are specific. All of them have the potential to spark an idea for your first private label product.

If you see anything you like, jump on in and exploit.

  1. Hairbrushes
  2. Placemat sets
  3. Resistance bands
  4. Mini musical instruments
  5. Themed temporary tattoos
  6. Clothes hangers
  7. Shopping trolley bags
  8. Rosery bead bracelet
  9. Door knockers
  10. Wardrobe dividers
  11. Black rubber gloves
  12. Ball pit
  13. Exploding, colourful clay pigeon (such a shame you can’t sell these through FBA)
  14. Flip comb
  15. Hooded pet towels
  16. Inflatable beach toys
  17. Cot bumpers
  18. Scented refuse bags
  19. Turntable stylus
  20. Novelty golf tees (I’ve got the perfect domain for this too)
  21. Travel seat bag
  22. Baby kneepads
  23. Pizza cutters
  24. Tweezers
  25. Marble chipping board
  26. Themed kids toothbrushes
  27. Rubber bibs
  28. Defrosting trays
  29. Nail scissors
  30. Gallon-sized water bottles
  31. Camping pillows
  32. Coaster sets
  33. Mosquito nets
  34. Wall decals
  35. Finger puppet sets
  36. LED mirroea
  37. Makeup bags
  38. Thermal paper
  39. Camping pilow
  40. Baby rattles
  41. Ice cream scoops
  42. Torches
  43. Largebber tablet case
  44. Cheese graters
  45. Themed USB memory sticks
  46. Guitar bags
  47. Scrunchies
  48. Card game
  49. Apple corer
  50. Kids plastic cutlery sets
  51. Novelty dice
  52. Foam door handle protectors
  53. Pet car sun shade
  54. Wooden block sets
  55. Toy holder bags
  56. Snap-on bracelets
  57. Cable tie sets
  58. Novelty aprons
  59. Watercolour markers
  60. Curtain ties
  61. Hooded baby towel
  62. Plastic, portable cutlery protectors
  63. LED phone light
  64. Handkerchief set
  65. Camera cases
  66. Themed potties
  67. Cookie cutters
  68. Wall gym equipment hanger
  69. BMX gloves
  70. Kitchen utensil holder
  71. Animal-shaped mugs
  72. Kids baskets
  73. Inflatable kids toys
  74. Ear muffs
  75. Educational, portable card sets
  76. Mini chalkboards
  77. Mouth guard
  78. Boar bristle hair brush
  79. Paint-brushes
  80. Solar battery packs
  81. Hardwire kits
  82. Beach towels
  83. Waterproof clocks
  84. Reuseable bags
  85. Ski bags
  86. Themed baby blankets
  87. String lights
  88. Darts set
  89. Glow in the dark bath toys
  90. Gym ball
  91. Kids plastic food sets
  92. Compression sleeve
  93. Board game figures
  94. Makeup brushes
  95. Kids tablet decals
  96. Unicorn headbands
  97. Alarm clocks
  98. Foam wedges
  99. Kids bed canopies
  100. Sketch board
  101. Printer fabric


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