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(Last Updated On: February 21, 2019)

What is EUessentials?

EUessentials is an Amazon repricer created specifically for those that sell on the European marketplaces. As well as the UK, sellers have the ability to seamlessly sell their products to customers in France, Italy, Spain and Germany. It’s a great way to dramatically increase your sales, opening up your inventory to millions more beyond our shores.

Repricing is tricky business and dealing with the intricacies of selling in Europe just adds to that, so EUessentials aim to take all the complication out of the process.

Why Would You Need an EU-Specific Amazon Repricer?

The way things work for third-party Amazon sellers is that you list a product at a particular price, and then it’s then your job to manually adjust this based on the competition and other factors. For a handful of products, it would only take a few minutes each day to check prices and make amendments. For hundreds of SKUs, it would take more time than it’s worth.

Now multiply that by the number of European marketplaces there are.

Automatic Amazon repricers are there to keep your prices competitive – keeping you within Buy Box eligibility range so your products keep selling. They’re looking after your products at all times, making sure that your prices stays within a particular range that you decide. 

From experience, I’ve seen that most Amazon FBA sellers in the UK start by selling products domestically and then open up their inventory to other markets. So they’re looking to buy stock that meets their ROI, profit and sales rank criteria in the UK, and they’re then making those items available to people in France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

The other marketplaces are secondary – a bonus afterthought – rather than the aim of their selling. As long as the sales are coming through the UK, anything else is a welcome extra. They may be five individual marketplaces, but many see the UK and Europe as two entities. The UK price determines the price elsewhere, as it’s usually a set percentage higher everywhere else than the base UK price. This being the case, they may be unwilling to invest in tools specifically for European sales. It’s not worth their while, as the focus is directed more to the UK business.

When I first looked into repricers a few months into my Amazon selling journey, I realised software makers don’t view things in the same way as UK sellers. Each marketplace is individual and you have to pay to reprice them as such. EUessentials takes a different view. Rather than having to pay the same amount monthly to reprice your items in Italy (where you may not get many sales) as you would for the UK, everything is under a single banner.

EUessential’s subscription includes all five marketplaces for a single, affordable monthly price.

How Does EUessentials Work?

It’s a very simple system and it pretty much follows the same process as any other repricer. It goes like this:

  • Navigate to your product
  • Input a minimum and maximum price for each marketplace
  • Set your repricing rule
  • Turn It on

Simple. From there you’re set and you can sit back and let it do its thing.

EUessentials, like other repricers, gives you the ability to input your buy price, so you have a better understanding of your ROI when your products sell. You can do this in bulk by importing, so shouldn’t take much time if you already have the information in a spreadsheet. Based on this, you’re able to get an understanding of how much money you make per order, and export the data at your convenience.

As well as being able to see the profit potential for each product, you’re also given the ability to use bulk repricing actions. If you just want to achieve a certain margin on your stock (eg 40% ROI) that can be done. It’s really handy to speed things up and get the automation under way.  

Aside from its core purpose as explained before, another real benefit to using EUessentials is that its main dashboard gives you a look into all of your sales in all markets. For some reason, the Amazon Seller Central dashboard treats every marketplace separately and you have to do some clicking around to get (for example) your last 30 day’s worth of sales in all of the markets you sell in.

Note that they also give you the option to toggle between setting if you need to take VAT into consideration.

What are the Drawbacks?

When I first gave it a go, there were some fundamental things that made me want to stick to what I knew. As time has gone on, they've made improvements to make it as competitive as possible to other repricers on the market.

Two things initially stood out for as drawbacks to the tool, one being based on the other:

  1. Oversimplified of repricing rules
  2. Repricing must be for all markets, not just selected ones

I have used BQool for my repricing for some time, and as you may have seen from my post, you can make a ridiculous amount of amendments to the way that the way the tool automatically adjusts the price of your products. To a new seller, it goes over the top. But to someone that’s been selling for a while, they’ll understand why you might want to reprice something like 2.6% above the current Buy Box price. Here, you don’t get the option.

It used to be the case that you could use match the Buy Box, go a penny under or go a penny under the lowest FBA. I see all of those as problematic repricing strategies and wouldn't use them for the majority of my inventory. While I wouldn’t mind these kinds of rules in the rest of Europe, I would prefer that my UK rules were a lot more complex than this.

Thankfully, they have recently introduced a ‘Match Buy Box' rule – something much closer to the type of repricing I need. This is a more fluid rule that ensures that you stay within Buy Box range, but doesn't have you clinging onto the ‘winning' listing's price. With that fixed, my only gripes are minor.

For example, I found is that you can only search for products based on the SKU number, rather than product name or ASIN, but it’s not too big of an issue.

They're constantly updating things, so as long as you let them know what else you want from the tool, you can at least expect them to take it on board.

How Much Does EUessentials Cost?

I have to stress how good the price is for what you get. There’s a tiered pricing structure based on how many listings you have in your inventory. I would assume that most people are going to require the lower of the two tiers, which is just £20 per month.

All of the details are below:

10,000 Listings
Best for high SKU inventories
Reprice 10,000 listings
Reprice in UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain
Bulk ROI setting
Continuous repricing
Profit calculator
Price up and down
Sign up now

There’s a 14-day free trial, and the ability to cancel at any time.


EUessentials is a great value for money option for those that want to offer automated ultra-competitive prices across the European Amazon marketplaces. Advanced sellers may want more sophisticated repricing rules, but it meets its objective of making European repricing easy.   


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