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(Last Updated On: February 5, 2019)

Let’s Make Some Fast Money

Everyone wants to make fast money, but no one seems to be just giving it up like that. There’s no need to worry though because there are plenty of ways for you to build your income up rapidly. We’ll start small and aim for a nice £100. I’m talking about things that you can do from the comfort of your home, as well as a few that may require you to actually go on a little drive to collect the cash.

Each of these can make you a good £100, but you may want to combine a couple of them to make you cross that line sooner. (Also, if this interests you, you’re probably going to want to read my 30 ways to turn £10 into £100).

1. Hunt for Odd Jobs on Gumtree

Gumtree is a popular UK marketplace packed full of one-off job opportunities. It’s just a case of claiming the ones that appeal to you. Some may require specific skills, while others may just need a few hands to assist. Scour the site and send messages if you think you can help. If they’re offering less money than you’re willing to do the task for, pitch as to why you deserve more. 

Gumtree Job Listings - Probably Busy

2. Matched Betting

Matched betting is one of the best money-making methods out there. Thousands of people in the UK are making hundreds of pounds each month doing it, and it’s about time that you learned more about it. Here’s my introduction to this risk-free betting, and here’s my favourite service to find the sports arbitrage opportunities. 

3. Sell Your Old Mobile

If you’re like me, you probably kept your last phone because you thought you might need a spare. You probably haven’t touched it since you got your new phone. Yeah, so get rid. Now. Shop around the best services to make sure you’re getting the best price. More often than not, you’ll get the most if you sell it as cash-on-collection through the Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Gumtree.

4. Sell at a Boot Sale

Round up as many of your unused, neglected items in your house as possible, and head to the next boot sale or table top sale that happens near you. Be sensible about how your price your goods, mix it up with a variety of product types and remember to smile. You’re going to leave that day £100 up. I believe in you. Check my tips if you’re new at it.

5. Claim Cashback

Thinking of switching utility supplier soon, taking out insurance, or making a big purchase? Head over to Top Cashback and make sure that you earn your rebate for just doing it via their platform. It’s the easiest money you’ll ever make. Expect it to take 30 days before you can claim the cash, but it won’t take nearly as long to earn that much if you’ve got some changes to make.


6. Find a Fiverr Gig That Suits You

Just like with Gumtree, Fiverr is one of those inspiring places that reminds you just how skilled you are. Spend a little time on there figuring out what you’re going to focus your time on, and claim those jobs. 

Fiverr Job Listings -Probably Busy

7. Sell Print-on-Demand Products on eBay

Jump on a trend and hop onto something topical, and create a print-on-demand product around it. Make a listing on eBay and promote it to the max. Mugs and t-shirts tend to work best for this, but opt for whatever you think you can sell in high numbers for quick profit.

Inkthreadable Print on Demand Sock Options - Probably Busy

8. Build an Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Affiliate marketing is a very complex matter, but it’s one of the easiest ways for the average person to create a passive income stream. Find something that you really like, find other people that are likely to be interested in it, and get them to sign up through your like.

9. Flip a Domain

It’s going to cost you less than £10 to register a brand new domain. (I buy most of my flip-ready ones on NameCheap). A good name has real value. List the right name on the right marketplace and you’ll make that £100 in no time at all.  Don’t know where to start? I’ve written all about domaining here.

Sedo Active Auction Listings - Probably Busy

10. Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

Zeek is the platform when it comes to buying and selling gift cards, and I’m sure that you’re sitting on a few that you don’t need right now. Cash them in on the single best platform for unwanted vouchers in the UK.


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