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(Last Updated On: February 5, 2019)

What is OhMyDosh?

When you enter into the world of online get-paid-to earning opportunities, it won’t take long before you stumble into the offers specialist sites. These are websites that reward you for taking advantage of offers – discounts, trials and exclusive opportunities. OhMyDosh is one of the flashier and newer ones out there that you may want to give some attention to today.

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What’s in It for Them?

OhMyDosh earn commission every time people take up one of the many offers on the site. By you filling out a form, submitting an email address or buying something for cashback, they earn cash from it. What they pay you back for taking an offer is a cut of what they get paid for you doing it. It’s a very slick CPA hub and among the best in the UK for what it is, and that’s why they’ve made so much effort to make it as fun as possible for users.


What’s in It for You?

There are earning opportunities on this site. You can definitely get some cash out of this if you put in the effort.


What’s My Experience with OhMyDosh?

There must have been a month when OhMyDosh went promotion crazy, and I kept seeing them around the web. I had to see what the deal was and sign up. Then I saw what it was.

The first thing I noticed with OhMyDosh is that they’re great with the branding and overall marketing. It really makes you want to take part; something that you definitely wouldn’t say about all of the older alternatives that have been going for 10+ years, and have barely updated the aesthetics of their websites.

To keep people in, they have daily giveaways. It gives people a real reason to want to stick with it and attempt to claim their generous prizes. They’ve got very varied offers on the site. You’ve got TV subscriptions, they introduce you to some surveys sites, and they also have household utilities ones too. There’s a lot going on here, and it means you can keep mixing it up every time you fancy trying to earn a little money from it.

The OhMyDosh website makes it very easy for you to log in and just pick and choose how you’re going to make a little cash for the next couple of hours or so. When you make a fresh account, you’ve got no excuse not to make enough to cash out within a few hours. You’ll probably keep that energy for a few more days, but I found it tedious beyond this. It’s nice to have a way to make money like this, but it takes up too much time for someone like me to bother with.

It’s great that they’ve got leaderboards to keep you engaged. It’s great that they offer you a £5 cut when you refer others to take part, and that you can give other people a £1 head start. It’s great that the site is so great to navigate. I just know that I struggle to enjoy sites like this after I’ve cashed out once.

Quite frankly, I haven’t got time for websites like this. It requires a lot thought involved than I’m prepared to share for this amount of money. If I was new in my online money-making journey, I would be all over this. My advice is that you should go in, make your quick tenner and dip out. Come back when you have a little time on your hands and want to procrastinate with something that actually earns you cash.

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Is OhMyDosh a Scam?

OhMyDosh is the real deal. They pay out. You just need to make sure that when you act on any paid-for offers (particularly subscriptions) that you cancel them if you don’t really want them. Payouts can be done through PayPal or BACS, direct to the bank account.



Minimum redemption: £10.00

Time required: As much as you put in; at least two hours a week to cash out monthly

Effort required: It’s mostly just form-filling, but you need to keep on track of paid offers

Earning potential: £10-£50 per month, as long as you take paid offers and they keep updating it

Website: OhMyDosh – get a free £1 with this link



Just another offers site. There is potential to make money by filling in a series of forms and taking a few actions, but it’s a bit of a minefield to avoid the ones that will cost you money. There are better ways to earn extra cash, but if this suits you, go for it.


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