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(Last Updated On: February 10, 2019)

What is Yasoo Rewards?

Yasoo Rewards is a mobile-only website that offers incentives for users to take part in simple tasks and to fill out very short surveys. Oddly enough, it can only be accessed from your phone, but they don’t have an app.

What’s in It for Them?

You’re only getting rewards from Yasoo Rewards because there’s something in it for them too. They do a little lead generation. They do a little market research. They do a few other things to keep clients happy, hoping to get opinions and to get people using partnered apps.

What’s in It for You?

The clue’s in the name, guys. There are rewards on the line here. They offer gift cards from a range of places, but I would always advise that you work towards their PayPal cashout option.

What’s My Experience with Yasoo Rewards?

I have to admit that I love finding money-making opportunities like this, because it reminds me when I first entered this world, and was blown away by how easily you can accumulate cash for pretty simple tasks. I mean, they offer you actual money for just downloading some apps onto your phone and watching videos.

Yasoo makes every effort to keep you engaged in their site, encouraging you to keep logging in by offering incentives for returning every day. They allow you to pick up extra points for following them on the socials, gambling with your earnings, and other things that may earn you a little extra.

UK users need to be warned that their currency is in p. To us, a ‘50p’ stake for taking part in something may sound great, but it’s not equivalent to 50 pence. Once you see what the redemption level is for all of the gift cards and the cash, you’ll understand what we’re dealing with.

I discovered Yasoo Rewards at a time when I don’t really find myself out and about needing to kill time. This being the case, I found it really inconvenient to have to access it from an online browser. It would feel much more convenient if it was on an app, or if I could get on there from my desktop.

It’s very easy to make a few pounds from this on the day that you sign up and it will continue. The amount of cash you get in return isn’t really worth the effort for me, but I can see how a lot of people would find value in it.

Is Yasoo Rewards a Scam?

Yasoo Rewards really do have rewards for you. No scam in sight. Just jump on there to claim the goods for yourself.


Minimum redemption: £10.00

Time required: A few minutes per day, if you’re in the mood

Effort required: Minimal, fit it in whenever you have free time

Earning potential: £xx per month

Website: YasooRewards.com

Referral Code: 4K8R2 (for free 500p bonus)


Easy money. Time killer. Similar to FeaturePoints, offering you the chance to make money for just downloading a few apps. They also have surveys and a few other bits to keep you entertained. Definitely worth having an account.


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