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(Last Updated On: February 10, 2019)

What’s the Best Way to Work on Your Own Projects?

I don’t have the answer, but I know what works for me. My 4-week work splits really did revolutionise the way that I work for myself. It’s meant that I no longer have to try to make my head from one project to another to another, day after day. When I worked that way, I never got anything finished.

Instead, I’ve shifted things and I now focus single weeks on one main project and try to get as much done for it at the scheduled time. However, there’s a huge caveat in that there are certain tasks that I do for a number of them each and every day. When I say every day, I mean it. (I haven’t had a holiday in two years since I’ve had two babies, so I’ll figure out how that changes when I get real time off in due course).

Why Daily?

But why every single day? The compartmentalised way of working is helpful for tasks that require hours of work, but for the things that take a couple of minutes, they can slot right into each day.

This way I can chip away at certain tasks and get around to completing them later down the line. A perfect example for this is coming up with blog post titles every day. For each of my sites, I have to come up with at least x2 per day. It means that when it comes around to the focus weeks, I’m never there thinking about what to write about next; I’ll have plenty of options sat there waiting for me.

Doing things daily means that you build momentum. Even if it’s on a small scale and it’s not the main focus of your day, at least it’s being done.

What are the Benefits of Doing This Daily?

From doing variations of this for nearly a year, I can say that this way of working benefits me in so many ways. The ones that come to mind first are that:

  • Far easier to get ahead with certain projects
  • Less likely to slack on some tasks
  • If I don’t do one of them, I’ll have to make up for it the next day (instead of weeks later)
  • Allows me to tick off a few easy things in my task list to kickstart momentum for the rest of the day
  • Quickest way to stockpile ideas
  • Able to stay on top of all of my projects

Some people may think that doing many things every single day is overkill, but the benefits completely wipe any negatives out of the water. When I don’t get around to doing certain things, I can quite easily just do double the amount the next day (or at the end of the week, when I have more time).

What are Examples of Things I Do Every Single Day?

In Trello, I label each of my tasks according to the project it relates to. Now that I look, there are a lot. I’ve split them up into morning, evening and evening tasks and there are even a few home ones thrown in there.

 Below are a selection of the Amazon/blog/ecommerce ones I make sure I do every day:

  • Come up with x2 blog title per website
  • Come up with x2 Merch by Amazon design concepts
  • Come up with x2 pieces of social content concepts by brand
  • Adjust Amazon repricing settings
  • Run new Tactical Arbitrage searches
  • Adjust Adwords/Amazon/Facebook advertising settings
  • Review out of stock Amazon SKUs

Sound like something that might work for you? It’s your turn to figure out your own.


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