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(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)


It’s finally happened. The Amazon seller’s best friend for deal analysis – the Keepa Chrome extension – is now a freemium service. The only way to access its advanced features is to pay a monthly subscription cost. Unlucky for Amazon sellers, the only features that really mean anything to them are now hidden behind a paywall.

It’s something that people in the Amazon selling community thought was going to happen for some time. It’s such an essential tool, and the type of data you can extract from it is THAT valuable that many will see it as a no-brainer to invest in access to the features they use daily to find out whether a product is worth investing in.

Keepa Premium Graph Notice - Probably Busy

What’s Missing?

The two things missing from the updated Keepa Chrome extension are the Sales Rank statistics and the ability to see historic Buy Box prices. Without these, you may as well be blindfolded. You have no context as to whether the current Buy Box price is a true reflection of the price people are willing to pay for the product. And you have no way of easily seeing how frequently the product listing makes sales.

Empty Keepa Graph - Probably Busy
There's not a lot going on without the now-premium features

While some may want to do more extensive research, these I could make 90% of my decisions on whether or not to buy something based on a glance at these key details. Without them, I haven’t really got much use for the basic, free version of Keepa. The only thing it’s good for is seeing when Amazon dip in and out of stock on the listing.

There are other changes too. I don’t use the other functions so I would have missed them. These are all of the things that now require a paid subscription:

  • Sales Rank history
  • Buy Box price history
  • eBay price history
  • Offer count history
  • Review count history
  • 5 token/minute API access
  • Price increase tracking

How Much Does Keepa Cost?

To unlock advanced features of Keepa, there are two different payment plan options:

  • €12 per month (which will convert to under £10.50)
  • €149/year (converting to under £129)

That’s very little considering how essential the tool is. However, that’s a big difference to £0. I can tell it will make new sellers think twice about whether they want to jump into this business, as it’s just another expense – another barrier to entry.

To sellers making significant profit each month, it’s unlikely to phase them at all. It’s a minor expense. They’re likely to be paying for other software too, so this is just another to add onto that list. It’s probably going to be the cheapest one that they use for their Amazon business after all.

Before you jump in and sign up for their subscription, there are two alternatives you need to consider. (And neither of them are CamelCamelCamel).

What are the Alternatives?

Rather than paying for Keepa’s advanced features, there are two different things you can do. The first option is one that I don’t think is going to last for very long, and the second is something I think advanced sellers are going to be a lot more interested in.

Enable History Graph Overlays

There’s an option in the Keepa settings called “Show price history graphs as overlays when hovering Amazon products”. By simply enabling this, you will have the ability to hover over an Amazon product link and receive see a small, non-zoomable Keepa chart which displays a year’s worth of Sales Rank data.

Enable Keepa Advanced Option - Probably Busy
Simple fix

You’re going to be frustrated that you can’t look any closer, but it gives you a quick look at whether or not the item you’re viewing sells or doesn’t. It’s better than nothing. However, it’s very likely this that this is something they’re going to disable in the future. It’s early days for the paid subscription, so it’s likely that this will disappear. As a quick fix for now, it gives you something to work with.

Enable Keepa Advanced Option - Probably Busy
Example overlay on search results page – no numbers


The other option is – rather than pay nearly £10 for a chart of data – pay for a tool that analyses and reports back on Keepa’s data. BuyBotPro is a tool I’ve been using for a few months, and I now have even more of a reason to rely on it for Amazon deal sourcing analysis.

BuyBotPro Example Analysis - Probably Busy
Example BuyBotPro analysis

BuyBotPro is a:

  • Deal analyser
  • Profit calculator
  • Sales Rank checker
  • Sales predictor
  • Eligibility, hazmat and private label checker
  • Competitor stock reviewer
  • EFN calculator
  • VAT calculator
  • Order quantity suggester
  • Automated buy sheet filler

And now it includes a Keepa graph with Sales Rank data within its interface. At present it doesn’t have the Buy Box prices integrated into it, but they’re working on it.

BuyBotPro Keepa Chart - Probably Busy
Keepa graph incorporated into BuyBotPro

BuyBotPro costs £24.95/month, and is all-in-one tool made to take the information from Keepa to inform you whether or not you should invest in particular stock. The cost will put newer sellers off, but for intermediate and advanced ones that want to reduce monthly software expenses, it’s worth considering BuyBotPro instead of Keepa’s subscription.

Read more about BuyBotPro.


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